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Hail the King Chapter 752.2

Chapter 752: Fame (Part Two)

“Huh? What is going on? It doesn’t seem like the ship of the Sea Tribe… Eh? A human?”

Sitting in a chair beside the yellow Royal Flag of Leon, that young, handsome nobleman of Leon who was arrogant was surprised by this scene. Only the super powerful empires had such unique battleships where they could submerge underwater. Therefore, he didn’t dare to slight the ‘unwelcomed guests.’

After observing for a while, he shook his head and didn’t recognize the King Flag of Chambord which had the two-headed dog with a sword and an ax in each of its mouths.

Although the Chambord Kingdom was famous in the Zenit Empire due to Fei’s influence, it was only an affiliated kingdom which recently came into people’s attention after all. There were hundreds of affiliated kingdoms of Zenit, and the haughty Leonians would never spend time on remembering these flags which were meaningless to them.

“Ask them which empire they are from and why they are here!” This young, handsome nobleman of Leon stood up, wiped the wine stain off his face, and asked with a serious tone.

As soon as he finished instructing one of his messengers, a thunderous shout sounded from that strange-looking black ship.

“This is the ship of King Alexander of Chambord! B*stards of Leon! How about you all lower your sails and surrender? Do you all want to die?” This voice resonated in the sky, and everyone in the region heard it clearly.

“It really is King Alexander His Majesty?” Constantine was thrilled, and it was the first time that the young King of Byzantine lost his composure. He laughed and said, “We found the path in this devastating situation! This is meant to be! The Leonians are done! Haha, the ships of Leon are done! This must be the gods’ work! These bloody butchers are going to pay the price!”

Behind him, the soldiers and commanders of Byzantine who were ready to die with their enemies couldn’t help but cheer loudly.

The heroic yet tragic atmosphere on the battleships of Byzantine instantly disappeared. Everyone knew what ‘King of Chambord’ and ‘King Alexander His Majesty’ meant!

Sun-Class Lord! Imperial Martial Saint! Invincible Battle God! Victory! Honor! Legend!

“Blow the bugles and charge at the enemies! Attack these butchers and protect King Alexander His Majesty!” Constantine commanded with his loud voice as his hands rested on the handle of his sword.

He was looking forward to this! This would be the first time that he battled alongside the man who changed his fate and the future of Byzantine.

As soon as the bugles sounded, Constantine got a little nervous and anxious. He was used to battle and killing, and he was a small legend himself; in this devastating situation, he should be very calm. However, he felt like he was an ordinary young man who was about to be judged by his supervisor in an examination.

“King Alexander of Chambord?”

The young, handsome nobleman of Leon who was now standing beside the yellow Royal Flag of Leon on the deck was stunned by what he heard, and his first reaction was to issue the order of retreat as his face changed color.

All the generals around him didn’t object to his command.

They already learned what King Alexander of Chambord represented four days ago from the intelligence report that came from the frontline; this man was like a dark cloud that couldn’t be moved away from the top of the Leonians.

The power of a Sun-Class Lord couldn’t be easily matched up using ordinary soldiers. This was already proved in the huge battle outside St. Petersburg five days ago.

Although there were more than 100 battleships and close to 40,000 navy soldiers here today in this fleet of Leon at the [Storm Point Bay], and they comprised of one-third of the navy of Leon, that wasn’t enough to handle a Sun-Class Lord.

At this moment, the soldiers of Leon demonstrated the great military discipline and order.

In less than ten minutes, all the ships in the fleet received the orders and all turned around, causing the waves in this region to be chaotic and messy.

Fei’s vanity would be greatly satisfied at this moment.

His name was enough to scare away the elite soldiers of a level 6 empire. It meant that he had sealed his name onto the list of top-tier masters on the Azeroth Continent.

At this moment, that young, handsome nobleman of Leon, King Buckingham, dashed into the air unexpectedly and didn’t retreat. He slowly flew toward [King Alexander] and stood in mid-air once he got close, blocking [King Alexander] from the fleet of Leon.

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