Chapter 753: Two Handsome Men (Part One)

[TL Note: This is a 2-in-1 chapter, so it will be split into 4 parts]

“Sir…” His guards and soldiers gasped instantly.

Currently, who dared to offend the King of Chambord? It was no different to seeking one’s own death.

In a hurry, several masters who were between Seven-Star and Eight-Star leaped into the air in shock and dashed forward on water, wanting to take this nobleman back.

“Don’t come here! Go back!” Buckingham waved his long sleeve, and an invisible power rushed out and forced these masters back onto the decks of the ships.

“Fools! The situation is dangerous! Why are you still acting soft? Command the fleet and retreat! Save the navy of the Empire!” Buckingham turned around and shouted, “Right now, only I can stop this vicious character for a short moment. If you don’t leave right now, and the fleet suffers unrecoverable damage, you will be the greatest criminals of the Empire!”  King Buckingham sounded firm and heroic.

Those generals and masters of Leon who wanted to come back and fight with their head commander were stunned by King Buckingham’s honor, and they froze for a second. Troubled and divided expressions appeared on their faces, especially the ones who were the closest to Buckingham. In the end, their logic obtained the victory over their emotions.

“Sir, please take care!”

“Your Highness, please be careful!”

The soldiers of Leon held back their tears as they stared at that majestic figure in the air in admiration and saluted. Then, they shouted and ordered the operators of the battleships to retreat as fast as possible.

“What an irony…”

A bitter smile appeared on King Buckingham’s young and handsome face.

Last night, he had the advantage with his elite soldiers in the Capital of Byzantine, and he forced the King of Byzantine to ditch some of his loyal followers on the dock while escaping in a hurry. Besides, he ordered his men to kill those brave people of Byzantine who sacrificed their lives to buy time for their peers.

During that moment, Buckingham was in control of others’ fates and slaughtered them.

Who knew that after less than 12 hours, his position would be reversed.

“However, I won’t be like those low-lives of Byzantine! I can’t be killed that easily! King Alexander of Chambord, Let me, King Buckingham, give it a try! Let me see if you are really invincible just like those reports had said… It sure is thrilling to battle a powerful opponent! My blood is boiling!” Buckingham thought to himself as he turned around and wanted to have the advantage by attacking that black vessel first.

However, as soon as he turned around, he was stunned, and a terrified expression appeared on his face.

He saw a handsome young man within 20 meters behind him. This young man had long black hair, sharp eyebrows, and bright eyes, and he was wearing a white robe.

Buckingham wasn’t sure when, but this young man appeared behind him with his arms crossed in front of his chest with a teasing smile on his face.

Without furthering thinking, Buckingham knew that this young man who had a unique aura around him was that legendary Imperial Martial Saint of Zenit, Alexander, who made the entire Leon Empire have a hard time to breathe in the last few days.

Only the bravest warrior shall win the battle on a narrow bridge!

Without saying anything, Buckingham dashed forward and attacked.

A vast amount of fire dashed out of Buckingham’s body, and it seemed like this region was inside an oven. It got scorching very soon!

Buckingham instantly unleashed all of his strength since he knew how terrifying his opponent was. At the same time, he used six fire-elemental, forbidden-level magic spell scrolls that he had. Each of these scrolls unleashed the power equivalent to the full-force attack of a peak Full Moon Elite.

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