Chapter 754: Skeleton Again (Part One)

[TL Note: This chapter is a 2-in-1 chapter and should be split into 4, but it is a bit shorter, so we split it into 3.]

Just like how [One Sword] was possessed by that golden skeleton, Buckingham was undergoing the same process. In addition, this red mist was very evil and was almost identical to the one that [One Sword] had. It looked like a devil from hell escaped and was roaring and unleashing its power inside Buckingham’s body.

Fei thought about it and punched out, sending a golden energy fist in Buckingham’s direction.

Boom! Boom!

The demonized Buckingham didn’t even try to dodge and let the golden energy fist land on his body.

However, this fist that was enough to crush a mountain didn’t do any damage to Buckingham. As if it struck a metal plate, a crisp, ringing noise sounded.

Buckingham was sent flying for hundreds of meters, but he quickly stopped his body. Even though a lot of his armor was shattered, it didn’t seem like he was harmed.

As red light flashed in his eyes, Buckingham roared liked an angry beast and dashed back toward Fei with a faster speed while the red mist trailed behind him.


Demonized Buckingham punched out, and an indescribable energy was unleashed. The red demonic energy created many terrifying illusions such as bone dragons and skeletons, and ear-piercing, headache-inducing noises sounded as well. As if it were doomsday, all kinds of monsters surrounded Fei and enveloped him in the red mist.

Instantly, the entire blue sky turned red.

Even the thin, white fog that was on the ocean got dyed red, and it seemed like blood vapor was permeating the air.

The incident taking place in the sky instantly attracted the attention of the soldiers on both sides.

Leonians cheered and quickly tried to escape from this situation. On the other hand, Chambordians and Byzantinians looked at the cloud of blood mist in the sky in worry.

The blood mist now enveloped both Fei and Buckingham, and no one could tell what was happening inside there.

However, this terrifying and strange red mist continued to expand outward as if there were no limit to it, and it quickly filled the space between the sky and the ocean.

Even the two blond archers, Akinfeev and Torres, who were standing on [King Alexander] looked worried. As Moon-Class Elites, they were really sensitive to auras and energies compared to ordinary soldiers. Therefore, they could tell how evil and powerful that thick blood mist was in the sky.

Time passed by quickly.

The blood mist in the sky got thicker and thicker, and hoarse roars and shouts sounded.

Hiss! Roar!

The only thing that calmed the minds of the Chambordians and Byzantinians was that a series of crisp, metal-colliding noises sounded. It meant that the King of Chambord wasn’t in danger, and the two of them were still fighting each other fiercely in the bloody mist.

Soon, more than half an hour passed.

-On the sea surface-

The battleships of Leon already moved more than 500 meters away, and the formation was completely re-adjusted. All the arrays and mechanisms on the battleships were activated, and they were ready to raise sails and dash away. After a short moment of preparation, these ships could accelerate quickly. In fact, these ships contained the elite advancements of the magic civilization, and they could travel more than 10,000 kilometers a day with ease.

However, the battle in the sky made the Leonians who were ready to escape stay behind a little. They felt like their head commander had the upper hand, and they didn’t retreat as soon as they were ready.

Chambordians and Byzantinians stopped chasing as well.

Tens of thousands of soldiers in the area all looked up at the cloud of thick, red mist in the sky.

Right now, everyone knew that the key factor which would determine the outcome of the battle today lay in the combat of the two super powerful masters.

Time passed by quickly.

Just as people felt like their necks were so sore that they were about to break, a series of laughter sounded within the thick, red mist.

“Ahahaha! I finally figured it out! So, it is like that. Great! That is enough!” It was the King of Chambord’s voice.

As soon as he finished, dashes of golden lights pierced through that thick, red mist. Like burning flames, these golden lights instantly evaporated the red mist as soon as they met.


After a series of hissing noises, the red mist disappeared, revealing the blue-crystal-like sky.

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