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Hail the King Chapter 754.3

Chapter 754: Skeleton Again (Part Three)

Even though demonized Buckingham reached the Sun-Class Realm, he was still far less powerful than Fei. The king was no longer that same Sun-Class Lord who couldn’t use his power efficiently. Right now, the king’s strength overpowered Buckingham’s, and he had more battle experience.

Although he was enveloped in that red mist at the beginning, Fei didn’t move and wasn’t affected. If he unleashed his full strength from the start, he would have won that battle in three strikes.

Fei had his reasons for dragging out this battle.

His instinct told him that this kind of terrifying demonization would happen more and more frequently on the Continent, and an evil yet powerful dark force was somehow pushing the changes. This force should be new and growing rapidly in stealth, and that was why the masters on the Continent hadn’t noticed it. However, this dark force already started to control and move some influential figures, trying to plan and execute something.

This was a serious warning.

Fei got in touch with this dark force very early, and he already sensed the amount of threat that it posed. Therefore, Fei wanted to get to know this force before it matured.

While battling Buckingham in the last half an hour, Fei had been observing and trying to understand this mythical yet evil energy. He was trying to figure out the origin of this force, its weakness, and how to identify masters who had demonic seeds in them but were not demonized yet.

Now, Fei already got some of the answers to his questions.

The king was sure that the demonic seed inside Buckingham’s body wasn’t that golden skeleton which possessed [One Sword] before. Although this demonic seed in Buckingham’s body and that golden skeleton had similar evil energy, they were a bit different in their cores.

“Hiss… Hiss…” Buckingham was completely turned into a beast. With red lights flashing in his eyes, he tried to struggle and fight back violently.

Without the suppression coming from Fei’s golden energy, that terrifying and powerful energy inside his body started to dash around. His muscles bulged one after another, and it seemed like a monster was about to pierce through the constraint of his skin and muscles and break free.

Tink! Tink! Tink!

In the next moment, a series of sparks appeared on Buckingham’s wrists and ankles where the special shackles were placed. Then, a series of ear-piercing noises sounded, and the shackles at these places broken.

After that, he grabbed onto the shackles on his neck and waist. With a light pull, the metal shackles that were empowered by magic runes were broken apart as if they were made from paper.

In the next moment, Buckingham roared and dashed toward Fei.

“Humph!” Fei snorted as he sat on [The Throne of Chaos], leaned against the back, and rested his chin on his right hand. He didn’t even move.

Suddenly, a mighty suction force appeared on the white tiles of the platform, pulling Buckingham back down onto the floor. Even though Buckingham dashed forward like a flash of lightning a second ago, his limbs were now sucked to the ground, and he couldn’t even raise his head. It seemed like he was in a painful state.

On this platform which was created by [The Throne of Chaos], Fei controlled everything within eight steps of him. He was invincible in this small space, and he could easily defeat his opponents in many ways.

“Monster, why don’t you show yourself?” Fei shouted majestically as golden flames dashed out of his eyes.

In the next moment, a series of demonic red lights appeared on Buckingham’s body, and his body turned translucent as if it lost its texture. Through that red light, Fei saw two sets of skeletons in his body.

One of them belonged to Buckingham as it was born with him.

However, the other one…

That skeleton was thick, and it wasn’t white but strangely red. Like a soft gel, it was wiggling slowly in between Buckingham’s bones and muscles. It looked terrifying as if it were a giant worm that swallowed Buckingham’s skeleton, and it was trying to merge into Buckingham’s natural skeleton slowly.

It was a terrifying scene.

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