Chapter 755: Meeting Again (Part One)

Under the suppression of [The Throne of Chaos], it seemed like that gel-like skeleton inside Buckingham’s body got afraid. It ditched the intention of merging and becoming one with Buckingham and tried to struggle and break free from Buckingham’s body.

As the light on Buckingham got more and more bright, that gel-like skeleton finally slowly ‘leaked’ out of his body.

It was a complete human-shaped skeleton.

It wasn’t missing a single bone, but it seemed like this bloody skeleton was melting as red, evil, and stinky liquid dripped from it. This liquid was thick but wasn’t blood; it was something that Fei had never seen before. Inside the eye sockets of this skeleton, two clouds of red flames were burning as if they made up this skeleton’s brain, and spirit energy fluctuations could be sensed from them.

It was clear that this skeleton had the basic instincts of living beings, and it was very scared of Fei. As soon as it appeared out of Buckingham’s body, it tried to escape in one direction. Its hands waved around, and it seemed like it was trying to tear open the constraint that was placed on it by [The Throne of Chaos] and escape into the void.

Unfortunately for this skeleton, Fei was already prepared for this after he saw how that golden skeleton which possessed [One Sword] got away. With a thought, this red skeleton was pressed down onto the platform again by [The Throne of Chaos], and many of its bones were cracked under this intense pressure.

Now, it was completely pressed onto the ground.

Fei waved his hand, and a chunk of broken bones flew to him. After he observed it for a little, he couldn’t tell what material it was made from. The thick, gel-like substance was about two to three centimeters thick on its surface, and streaks of evil energy flowed inside it. It had top-tier magic energy and warrior energy conductivity, which was rare to see. Inside the gel-like material was the hard, white bone which was about four to five centimeters thick. It was fragile, and some white powder was leaking out of its center.

Since he couldn’t get any information from this chunk of the bone, Fei grabbed a few more pieces of the broken bones and stored them carefully. He wanted to take them back and ask the two mad scientists to study them carefully.

Then, he tried to communicate with this red skeleton which had spirit energy fluctuations on it.

However, he didn’t get any response.

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Compared with that golden skeleton which possessed [One Sword], this red, gel-like skeleton was more like a prototype or a deformed creation. There were only basic murderous instincts in its spirit energy, and it refused to communicate with Fei in any shape or form.

When Fei tried to use a secret spirit energy technique which was recorded in the mysterious purple scroll to search the spirit energy flames in this red skeleton’s eye sockets by force, the skull of the skeleton suddenly exploded as if it sensed something. Its skull turned into a cloud of fine powder and completely disappeared.

Instantly, all the evil energy dissipated into the area.

The remains of the skeleton stopped trying to fight back. Like a robot that got its motherboard burned, it no longer moved. That red, gel-like substance on the skeleton quickly evaporated like mercury which was exposed in the air, and the white bones quickly turned into dust. As the wind blew by, everything got blown away. Nothing was remaining…

“Eh…” King Buckingham of Leon who had fainted suddenly groaned at this moment as his fingers moved.

It turned out that he didn’t die from that.

Fei could even sense that all the life energy was slowly recovering inside Buckingham’s body. Although he was far from his prime, and he was as weak as a three-year-old child, his life was saved. Even though his consciousness wasn’t clear right now, he wouldn’t disappear like [One Sword].

This discovery surprised Fei.

“Perhaps I can discover the secrets of that skeleton from him… This is shocking! That skeleton was able to help him increase his strength by more than 100 times, reaching the realm of Sun-Class. What kind of secret technique is this? It is way too terrifying and unreal! If there are thousands of skeletons like this, a force would be able to sweep across the Continent!” Fei got a little scared just thinking about this.

The situation seemed to be worse than he had anticipated.

Fei looked at Buckingham who was still fainted and thought, “Perhaps this person is useful in other ways.”

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