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Hail the King Chapter 755.2

Chapter 755: Meeting Again (Part Two)

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When Fe returned to [King Alexander], the battle on the sea was almost over, and Chambordians and Byzantinians were cleaning up the battlefield.

The united force of Chambordians and Byzantinians got the final victory!

This prolonged battle was filled with twists and turns from the beginning to the end, and there were too many changing factors. Both the sides of Byzantine and Leon had their calculations, and they thought that they were in control of the situation. The battle ended surprisingly with the King of Chambord’s appearance, and there was no question about that.

After cleaning up, the results were summarized. About 50 battleships of Leon were destroyed, and close to 70 of them were captured. Also, all kinds of resources were obtained as spoils of war, and more than 6,000 soldiers and sailors of Leon were taken as captives. The gain from the battle was significant.

Of course, the Byzantine Kingdom also suffered many casualties.

Out of more than 2,000 elite soldiers, fewer than 1,000 of them were still alive, and more than 300 of them were severely injured or disabled. Also, more than 200 people fell into the water, and no one knew if they were still alive or not. In usual cases, the chance of these people surviving was slim to none.

The only thing that King Constantine of Byzantine was glad about was that all the soldiers of Leon inside the territory of the Byzantine Kingdom were eliminated, and a lot of resources were captured.

Although the Byzantine Kingdom suffered many casualties, the rest of the soldiers of Byzantine were elites out of elites. After experiencing this battle, they would be able to take on ten enemies each. Besides, as long as everything was done correctly, the Byzantine Kingdom could construct another strong military.

After the battle was over, King Constantine of Byzantine couldn’t wait. He got close to [King Alexander], showed his identity respectfully, and expressed his wish to see the Imperial Martial Saint.

“King of Byzantine, please get on the ship. King Alexander knew that you would come, and he asked me to come here and wait for you,” Torres said to Constantine politely.

“Sorry for troubling you, Mr. Fernando!”

Although he was the king of a kingdom, Constantine was still very respectful toward Torres. First, this blond, handsome young man was one of the most trusted people of the King of Chambord, who was his savior and the Imperial Martial Saint. Second, Torres was already a Moon-Class Elite. All of these made Torres have a higher status compared with the king of a level 3 affiliated kingdom.

After greeting each other, the two of them walked into the command center of [King Alexander].

On the way, Constantine was surprised by what he saw. The Reverse Whale Battleship was different from ordinary battleships. Both its external appearance and internal decoration were new and fresh to Constantine. It had a simple yet organized beauty, and Constantine felt like he was inside a palace. Although [King Alexander] didn’t join the battle that much today, Constantine didn’t doubt the terrifying combat ability of this black ship.

“Haha! King Constantine, we meet again!” Fei gave Constantine a warm hug as soon as they met, and he didn’t appear self-important at all. Toward real friends, Fei never acted that way.

Constantine already thought about how he should salute at Fei, but he was thrown off his plan by Fei’s intimate action.

“Eh, you already practiced [Seven Injure Fist] to this degree? What a surprise!” Fei took one look at Constantine and knew what level he achieved.

Since Constantine was able to practice the [Seven Injure Fist], which would injure himself before injuring others, it meant that this king had the fortitude and talent of a master.

Soon, Fei discovered that something was wrong, and he frowned.

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