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Hail the King Chapter 756.1

Chapter 756: Fame (Part One)

“The injuries in your body are too much,” Fei frowned and said. He discovered that there were a lot of hidden internal and external injuries on Constantine’s body.

Right now, Constantine’s internal organs had clearly shifted locations, and it was a severe side-effect of practicing the [Seven Injure Fist]. Like a lot of water on one side of a big dam, there was the danger of overflowing. What was more dangerous was that once all these hidden injuries couldn’t be suppressed anymore, no one would be able to cure Constantine. Just like how the water can crush a dam when it was over capacity, the same thing could happen to Constantine’s body.

Aside from the hidden injuries, there were a lot of external wounds on his body; they were obtained after several days of battle.

The most terrifying wound on him went from his left shoulder to his right thigh, almost making him break into two halves. Although the injury already stopped bleeding and formed clots, it now looked black and ugly.

“I’m already fortunate enough to be alive.” Constantine was a tough man, so he laughed and continued, “These injuries will be recovered sooner or later. However, if Your Majesty didn’t appear today, Byzantine would have been conquered and wiped out, and the southern coastline of the Empire would fall into the control of despicable Leonians!”

Fei took out a bottle of red [Health Potion] from his storage ring and handed it to Constantine. Then, he said, “Heal up first. We can talk about other things later.”

The [Health Potion] from Diablo World had miraculous effects for healing all kinds of external injuries, but it was also depended on the strength of the people who were being healed; the same dosage would be less effective toward the more powerful people. In addition to the bigger size of the wounds and potential energies left by more powerful opponents, the more powerful people had more life energy, and more potion was required to replenish that.

One bottle of [Health Potion] was only enough to heal the less significant external wounds on Constantine’s body.

After the effect of the potion was over, Fei switched to Paladin Mode and used the skill – [Prayer].

“Ha!” Fei was instantly covered by a powerful and warm light as if he were a god, and everyone in the command center on [King Alexander] sensed that their stamina which was used during the battle was being replenished quickly. Also, some of the small injuries on their bodies were healed.

Fei reached out his hand which was enveloped by a golden light, and he caressed that deep and shocking black wound on Constantine’s body from top to bottom. Under the light of the golden flames, streaks of reddish-black smoke leaked out of the wound; these were the residual fire-elemental warrior energies that were still causing problems in Constantine’s body.

After doing this several times, the serious external injuries on Constantine’s body were finally healed.

“Hu… that was troublesome. Unfortunately, my paladin character’s level is too low, and it is still in the Normal Mode. If I can bring it into Nightmare Mode, my paladin’s character’s healing ability would be much greater, and it wouldn’t be so hard to heal a wound like this. It looks like I have to focus on balancing the powers of all my characters!” This thought appeared in Fei’s head as he switched back to his barbarian character.

Since Constantine had accumulated a lot of hidden internal injuries in his body from practicing the [Seven Injure Fist] by force, it was quite severe, and ordinary doctors and priests couldn’t do anything about it. Only the power of Fei’s barbarian character, which was in the Sun-Class Realm, could help with it.

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In the next few days, Fei temporarily stayed at the Capital of the Byzantine Kingdom.

Since he had to create momentum and increase the morale of the soldiers, Fei didn’t hide his identity.

Soon, all the Zenitians in the Green Wind Province heard the news from the Byzantine Kingdom. They learned that the Byzantinians obtained the first complete victory in the war against the Leonians in the southern region of Zenit, and close to one-fourth of the navy of Leon got destroyed.

The most important thing was that they understood the reason why the Byzantinians obtained victory – King Alexander of Chambord who was known as the Imperial Martial Saint and Zenit’s Battle God came to the southern region of the Empire.

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    yes please balance your other characters. smdh Amitabha

    • MyGrandpa69

      It should be noted that no character will be balanced individually, but that as a whole, mc whill be balanced once his individually unbalanced characters are equal level and can therfore create an overall balanced MC?

  2. Fimbulwinter

    He should also really level his sorceress character. Would be really helpful for large scale warfare.

  3. Fei gave him an incomplete technique that would harm him if used and now that he sees that he’s used it many times and gotten many internal injuries he’s surprised?…alright..the author is definitely making Fei dumber from what he was at peak of east mountain

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