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Hail the King Chapter 756.2

Chapter 756: Fame (Part Two)

This sudden good news made the Zenitians who were suffering from the pain of war and the suppression of the enemies see hope. It was no different from people seeing a sliver of light in complete darkness.

Without needing orders, many refugees, deserted soldiers, the royal families of the affiliated kingdoms in the region, the officials and nobles of the Empire, mercenaries…

Many people rushed toward the Capital of Byzantine like a flood, and they were seeking the protection from Zenit’s Battle God, King Alexander.

What happened a few days ago during the defense battle of St. Petersburg was already being spread around the Empire by the No.1 Traveling Poet of the Empire, Matt Razi, and his peers. Under the promotion of the Empire, almost every Zenitian learned about it.

During the dark times where Zenit had to face the invasion of the Ten-Empire United Troops, the appearance of a Sun-Class Lord who saved the situation and fought back against the enemies was crucial. Fei became the spiritual pillar of many Zenitians at this moment.

All Zenitians believed that the Zenit Empire wouldn’t be conquered as long as such an invincible master was here, and their enemies would pay a hefty price.

The power that hope could bring to people was insane! In less than two days, more than 200,000 people had gathered at the Capital of the Byzantine Kingdom.

The Green Wind Province that was almost destroyed by the war started to show vitality and regrow as if it was grass in the spring.

Different from the Zenitians who were cheerful right now, the Ten-Empire United Troops that had been committing hideous crimes in the southern region of Zenit were all anxious now that they heard this news as well, and they couldn’t help but feel scared.

On the day that the news about the Imperial Martial Saint of Zenit coming to the southern region spread, the united troops that had been active around the Byzantine Kingdom instantly backed hundreds of kilometers away from the Capital of Byzantine as if there were an outbreak of a deadly disease.

They quickly dropped their actions of killing civilians of Zenit and kept a low profile as they escaped.

After calming down, some people in the united troops doubted the validity of this claim.

They felt like the King Alexander of Chambord should be inside St. Petersburg right now after that defense battle. Why would such a big shot who could influence the lives of many people come here to the southern region? To save civilians? This idea was like a joke to many people.

“To the Royal Family of Zenit, is there anything more important than protecting the Capital City?” people thought.

Therefore, the Ten-Empire United Troops sent ten Six-Star Warriors on the third day and formed an elite suicide squad. They blended in with the refugees who were headed toward the Capital of Byzantine and wanted to figure out what really was going on.

In order to not show any weaknesses, these ten masters dressed like refugees and made a few ‘friends’.

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Unfortunately, a blond young man in white appeared on the defense wall of the city while the refugees were entering.

This handsome young man who looked like an elf didn’t say anything. He simply stood in the sunset as his blond hair fluttered in the wind, and he pulled his bow and shot out ten arrows consecutively. As the bowstring vibrated, ten green lights dashed through the sky and shocked the city like beautiful fireworks.

The ten arrows looked like ten small meteors.

Among the ten masters of the united troops, most of them were turned into pieces on the spot before they could even dodge or escape. The last person didn’t die instantly, but his right arm was nailed into the ground, and he wasn’t able to move!

After shooting the ten arrows, this blond archer disappeared from the defense wall as if he were never there.

That last master of the united troops had to do whatever it took for him to survive. He chopped off his right arm and dashed away with his tail between his legs. He was the only lucky person to leave here alive!

After this incident, no one doubted the validity of the claim anymore.

The handsome archer who appeared on the defense wall was one of the 12 gold saints of Chambord. He was also the King of Chambord’s guard, [Son of Wind] Fernando Torres.

[Son of Wind] was always around the King of Chambord! The King of Chambord was at Byzantine!

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  1. Draghnof

    Now that there is a Sun Class Lord at Zenite, the Leon Empire will most probably sent a Sun Class Lord or two …. And there is also the Merchant group of the level 8 empire who are coming to revenge the young master (with probably a Sun Class Lord or two with them) ….. And it’s unknow how the Northern Church will react after the defeat of the local Church members …..

    It’s not very a good time to go explore the world :-s (but it sure will brings opportunities)

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