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Hail the King Chapter 757.1

Chapter 757: How Long Can You Last as One? (Part One)

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After this test, the Ten-Empire United Troops was pushed into a passive mode, especially with the situation inside the Green Wind Province. Although there were sneaky and quiet hidden battles, nothing significant like the siege of St. Petersburg happened. Although the Leonians and the surviving Ormondians were still supporting the Ten-Empire United Troops, the forces still kept its complete control and discipline, and they basically gave up all military operations within the Green Wind Province.

It was hard to believe that the name of one person could make this happen.

One person was more effective than hundreds of thousands of soldiers!

In just three days, the Capital of Byzantine became the center of the Green Wind Province during this war. A ton of refugees and defeated soldiers of Zenit came into the city, and it was great news for the Byzantine Kingdom. The inflow of young men helped its issue of the lack of population for filling the army.

Under the conscription order of Emperor Yassin, King Constantine of Byzantine had the ability to recruit as many soldiers as he could. To the refugees, being feed well and fighting the evil invaders with weapons wasn’t a bad option. In fact, to many refugees whose relatives and loved ones were killed by the enemies, they were eager to kill as many invaders as they could to vent the anger on their minds.

On the second day that Fei arrived, King Constantine of Byzantine started constructing the new army.

This was a crucial opportunity for him and the Byzantine Kingdom to grow stronger and get more powerful!

Although the Byzantine Kingdom was small and didn’t have much land, it had been accumulating resources for about a year before the war broke out. Also, with the support from Chambord, it was wealthy to say the least.

Being an intelligent ruler, King Constantine already moved the wealth of the kingdom out of its capital city before the war. Therefore, even though there was a great influx of refugees, he didn’t need to worry about feeding them and keeping them equipped in the short-term.

Also, since Fei didn’t take anything from the tons of spoils of war that were a result of the battle on the sea, weapons, armors, arrows… all kinds of military items filled up the warehouses of Byzantine like mountains after everything was counted.

Out of more than 70 battleships of Leon that were captured, 30 to 40 of them were slightly damaged, and they could be put into battle again after some easy repairs.

With these resources in hand and enough people, the Byzantine Kingdom could construct an army of more than 10,000 people and a naval force with more than 150 battleships in five to six days!

This was exactly what King Constantine did.

With the Imperial Martial Saint temporarily residing at Byzantine, the Byzantinians’ status increased by a lot, and all kinds of policies and orders were passed down and followed without pushback. The morale of the people in the Capital of Byzantine was high, and they were confident in their Martial Saint. They were all waiting for Fei to lead them to launch the counterattack!

Constantine was busy every day.

Except for greeting Fei and asking him for advice once in the morning and once in the evening, this young king put all his energy into the management of his kingdom. The ground force and naval force were being put together in order, and many mercenaries who were strong but orderless also joined the military, becoming the key members of the army.

The entire Capital of Byzantine was in an upbeat atmosphere. With hope and perseverance written on their faces, the people finally showed smiles at this tough time.

Although King Alexander of Chambord who was the guardian of the Empire in many people’s minds didn’t show his face, his guard Fernando Torres whose nickname was [Son of Wind] had appeared around the city. That was enough to prove everything.

With a powerful Sun-Class Lord in the city, the people here felt safer even if the defense wall was made from mud rather than steel.

A force that could affect the war significantly was on the rise in the southern region of Zenit.

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    • TheClosen

      Uh.. Byzantine is the name of the kingdom and Constantine is the name of the king. I think you’re the one who mixed them up.

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