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Hail the King Chapter 757.2

Chapter 757: How Long Can You Last as One? (Part Two)

Fei had stayed in a hotel in the Capital of Byzantine.

He didn’t accept King Constantine’s invitation to stay in the King’s Palace of Byzantine, and he rarely got involved in the internal affairs of this kingdom. Even when King Constantine came to his residence to ask for advice, he only hinted at the potential solutions without giving his clear opinion. This allowed the young king to make his own decisions and grow up quickly along with his forces.

Aside from nurturing a big force like the Byzantine Kingdom in the southern region of Zenit so that the movement of the Ten-Empire United Troops would be hindered, in terms of changing the passive stance of the Zenit Empire in this war, Fei also stayed here so that he could get more information from King Buckingham of Leon who got captured.

After a few days of observation, Fei discovered that Buckingham’s strength was recovering fast. In about three days, Buckingham returned to the state of an ordinary person, and he was recovering even though minimal measures were taken.

Except for the initial weakening, it didn’t seem like there were any significant long-term side-effects after that red skeleton left his body!

This discovery surprised Fei and made him curious.

On the evening of the fourth day, Fei met this captive from the Leon Empire officially in the backyard of his residence. Buckingham was the most prestigious captive from Leon by far.

After four days of recovery, this young man who looked about 24 years old was no longer pale, and redness could be seen under his skin. His thin face also got chubbier, and he looked more like a head commander again.

Even though he was now only wearing ordinary robe made from rough material, the stubbornness and arrogance were still in his eyes, and he stood straight like a spear.

Fei waved his hand, and Husky walked up and took off the magic shackles on Buckingham’s body.

Right now, Buckingham was only on the level of a normal human. Even if he returned to his prime, he couldn’t do anything in front of Fei. Escaping was not even possible in his dreams!

It was clear that Buckingham had a clear understanding of his situation, so he didn’t plan on escaping. He picked a stone chair that was facing Fei, walked over boldly, and sat down with his back straight. Then, he looked at Fei calmly in a high spirit.

Even though he seemed calm, Fei could sense the provocation and haughtiness in Buckingham’s eyes.

Despite them being enemies, Fei had to admire Buckingham’s presence and temperament. When he was commanding the navy of Leon, Buckingham was able to make the correct decisions. When in this terrible situation, he was still able to keep his composure. Compared with that legendary Prince Gomi, Fei felt like this man in front of him was the noblest person from Leon.

“Although I’m already a prisoner, don’t think about getting any information from me. I won’t tell you anything about the military operations of the Leon Empire,” Buckingham said after he fixed his hair and clothes. After a short pause, he added with a provoking smile, “What can you do? Even though you are a Sun-Class Lord, what can you do? Our Emperor Juninho of Leon had reached Sun-Class many years ago, and our ally, the level 7 Ormond Empire, has more than ten Sun-Class Lords. You are only one person; how long can you last against ten empires? Why don’t you work for the Leon Empire? You don’t have to die, and your blood won’t be spilled on the battlefields!”

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