Chapter 758: Why Not? (Part One)

Fei smiled after hearing what Buckingham said.

“This King Buckingham sure is interesting. He is a captive, but he doesn’t seem like one. Rather than begging for forgiveness, he is trying to persuade me?”

After waving at his simple-minded guard, Husky, who was already angry and was about to punch Buckingham, Fei smiled and said, “Ok. Since you are not willing to talk about the Leon Empire, then I won’t force you. How about we change the topic? Let’s talk about that red skeleton. How did you discover it? I want to know what kind of demonic contract was signed between you two.”

Buckingham was a bit surprised and didn’t expect the King of Chambord to ask him such a question.

After a moment of thinking, he decided to shut his mouth.

Although he acted haughty and calm, he had to admit that he was nervous on the inside while facing this legendary man. It wasn’t about his current status as a captive. Instead, it was a pressure that was coming from the spiritual level. He kept on reminding himself that anything he says may cause unrecoverable harm to the Leon Empire, so he decided not to say anything at all.

With a smile on his face, Fei added, “I believe that this matter is not relevant to the Leon Empire. Therefore, I hope that you can answer me honestly. I respect you as a commander who had made the correct decisions and sacrificed yourself for the ordinary soldiers. I don’t want to make this hard for you. After all, I have many ways of getting the answers to my questions. For example, there is spirit searching…”

As he said that, Fei glanced a rock that weighed more than 500 kilograms, and that huge piece of rock instantly levitated into the air.

Buckingham’s face instantly changed color. Although his strength didn’t recover, his understanding of power and knowledge were still there. He could tell that the King of Chambord didn’t use any warrior energy or magic energy. Instead, pure spirit energy was used.

In legends, the masters who were proficient at spirit energy techniques could search through their opponents’ memories by force, accessing the information that they wanted to know without the owners’ permissions. However, it was heard that such techniques were cruel and vicious, and the people who got their memories searched would end up with incomplete souls or utterly shattered souls. After that process, they would lose consciousness and be similar to undead creatures for the rest of their lives.

As soon as Buckingham saw that huge piece of rock being lifted by Fei’s spirit energy, he instantly understood that the King of Chambord had mastered the spirit energy, and the latter probably knew techniques that could search through his memory.

Buckingham was shocked. Even though he was unwilling, he thought about it and had to tell Fei everything that had happened in detail including how he ended up with that red skeleton inside his body and the soul contract. Since it wasn’t related to the Leon Empire, he didn’t feel that guilty about this.

Fei listened carefully and nodded along. After hearing the whole story, he asked, “So, a mysterious master whom you never met before came to you the night before you left the Leon Empire with the troops? You didn’t see his face, and you don’t know who he is? You signed the contract, and he planted that seed inside your body? You could activate the contract at critical times and get a power that is hundreds of times greater?”

“Yeah,” Buckingham nodded.

“Since you don’t know him, why would you trust him? And why did you sign the soul contract with him? Aren’t you afraid that it is a trap?”

“He is really powerful; he is at least a Sun-Class Lord. I couldn’t fight back even if I want to. Also, he explained all the consequences to me, and he knew what my needs are. When I learned that I would have to lead the troops to attack Zenit, I was already preparing for the worst…”

“Preparing for the worst?”

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