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Hail the King Chapter 758.2

Chapter 758: Why Not? (Part Two)

“That is right. To the commanders of Leon, the worst situation would be meeting powerful Sun-Class Lords like you. I know what this war means to the Empire, so I must consider everything as a commander. It was already a great risk when the Imperial Military Headquarters didn’t send any powerful masters with me. Although that mysterious person listed some severe conditions, it was a good choice for me at the time.” With a pleased smile on his face, Buckingham added as he stared at Fei, “By sacrificing myself, I was about to add more security to the fleet of Leon. It was a great option. Besides, it already proved that my bet paid off. If it weren’t for that bloody skeleton which was planted into my body by that mysterious master, I wouldn’t have been able to stop you for that long, and more than half of the battleships of the fleet of Leon in this war wouldn’t have been able to escape. If I didn’t sign that contract, the entire fleet might have been destroyed already!”

Fei kept his silence at this.

In his mind, King Buckingham was a respectable opponent, a real noble, and a qualified commander.

At the same time, the king got alerted.

The consecutive victories made himself and the other Chambordians very proud. The Chambordians were prideful and brave, but they forgot that heroes existed in every kingdom and empire.

Many heroes appeared in the Zenit Empire when the enemies invaded, and they showcased their unparalleled bravery and passion. The Leon Empire was much larger and had more population than Zenit, so it didn’t lack talented geniuses and heroes as well.

To Zenitians, this war was started by the despicable invaders. However, this war was something more significant and holier in the eyes of the soldiers and commanders of the ten empires in the alliance. Expanding the reach of their empires was the goal and aspiration of many soldiers.

Even though some of the soldiers were timid, afraid of power, and escaped from the battlefields, a lot of them were still proud of their empires and were willing to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of their empires!

Buckingham wasn’t going to be the last Leonian who acts this way.

Then, Fei tried to get more information on that mysterious master. However, Buckingham didn’t know much. In Buckingham’s memory, that mysterious master was wearing a big black cloak and a mask. During the entire process, he didn’t say a word. Instead, he used a rare spirit energy technique and communicated with Buckingham directly using spirit energy transmissions.

Since almost no information could be gathered on him, this master was even more mysterious.

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The only thing that Buckingham was sure about was that this mysterious master wasn’t a member of Leon.

“That is all I know. I hope that you could keep your promise and don’t force me to tell you anything about the military information of Leon. Otherwise, I’m willing to die rather than giving you the opportunity to use the spirit searching technique!” As soon as Buckingham said that, he shut his mouth and looked stubborn and perseverant. If Fei said anything more about the military of the Leon Empire, he was going to smash his head against the stone chair and commit suicide before Fei could get any information.

Fei nodded and didn’t pursue the topic.

He pointed out his finger, and a gust of golden energy flames dashed into Buckingham, blocking the 72 energy connections in the latter’s body.

Even if Buckingham recovered his energy and went back to his prime, he wouldn’t be able to use his full strength, and he couldn’t escape at all.

“In six days, I’m going to go to the Leon Empire in person. Mr. Buckingham, are you willing to be a free tour guide for me?” Fei asked as if he suddenly had a strange idea.

Buckingham’s body shivered as a rare, surprised expression appeared on his face.

He didn’t expect the King of Chambord to have such a crazy idea.

“He wants to go into the Leon Empire? Does he want to die? Although it is hard for Sun-Class Lords to die, it doesn’t mean that he is invincible. The Royal Family of Leon is loaded, and there are a few Sun-Class Lords. In addition, the Royal Family has many magic items and Moon-Class Elites. If it wants to, it can use a lot of its resources and kill the King of Chambord inside Leon!” he thought to himself.

After recovering from the extreme shock, Buckingham got back his composure and said lightly, “If you dare to go, I’m more than willing.”

Fei laughed, “Why not?”

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