Chapter 759: The Strange Setup (Part One)

In the next two days, Fei still kept his low profile and didn’t show his face in the Capital of Byzantine.

As time passed by, the situation in the Empire changed drastically, and all kinds of news came out of St. Petersburg.

First, there was news about Second Prince Dominguez of Zenit.

This prince who didn’t show any military talent in the past demonstrated his great knowledge and ability in this field.

In the northern territory of Zenit, he successfully gathered and created a temporary troop that had about 40,000 soldiers. These soldiers were sent from various affiliated kingdoms, and Second Prince Dominguez gathered them together and launched counterattacks at the enemies who were executing missions in the northern territory of the Empire.

In just a few days, he led the army and defeated all enemies, making the northern region of Zenit able to connect with St. Petersburg again!

It was a big achievement since St. Petersburg was no longer an isolated city that was surrounded by enemies!

This performance earned Dominguez a lot of fame and positive coverage among the officials of the Empire and the citizens.

Although he still couldn’t be compared to Zenit’s God of War Arshavin, he was starting to showcase his talent in military matters. To the people who sided with Second Prince Dominguez and were having a hard time breathing under the pressure of Crown Prince Arshavin, this was great news!

The reason why a lot of people still favored Second Prince Dominguez in this situation was that he befriended an unparalleled master like King Alexander of Chambord.

The King of Chambord and the Crown Prince had a hostile relationship, but he was friendly toward the Second Prince.

However, in this defensive battle at St. Petersburg, the King of Chambord and the Crown Prince showed rare tactical understanding and worked together to turn the situation around, alleviating the intense pressure between them.

In many people’s minds, once Zenit’s Battle God and God of War stood together, it would be disastrous for the Second Prince.

Now that Dominguez was showing his talent and was closer to the King of Chambord, he had a higher hope in obtaining the throne in some people’s eyes.

Except for that news, other news surprised many people.

Under the order of the Royal Family and the Imperial Military Headquarters, Fourth Prince Chrystal who was not in people’s attention before was appointed to the position as the head commander of the [Gigantic Force Legion], one of the ten former main battle legions. This legion was instructed to leave St. Petersburg and head to the southern region as one of the main forces of Zenit that would take on the Ten-Empire United Troops.

[Gigantic Force Legion] was one of the former main battle legions of Zenit, and it had a history longer than 20 years that was filled with glory and honor. Before, it was under the control of one of the most influential noble forces, the Beag Family. After years of careful management, the soldiers in the legion and their supplies and equipment were all top-tier. The newly formed legions couldn’t be compared to it.

The fact that the Royal Family appointed Fourth Prince Chrystal as the new legion commander of the [Gigantic Force Legion] showed its intention of wanting to give a boost to this prince.

On the fifth day, the Imperial Military Headquarters sent out a new internal memo through its unique channel that was established during the war.

In less than ten days, the conscription order from Emperor Yassin who was still severely ill was perfectly executed and realized. In this short amount of time, ten new legions were constructed.

Right now, seven out of the ten former main battle legions of Zenit still had their combat abilities. Out of the ten new legions that the Empire created for the war against the Spartax Empire, the Eindhoven Empire, and the Jax Empire, six of them were kept. Therefore, the Zenit Empire now had a total of 23 stacked legions!

Each of the legions had about 30,000 soldiers. With the addition of the 40,000 soldiers under the control of Second Prince Dominguez, as well as the private soldiers who belonged to the various noble families and affiliated kingdoms, the entire Zenit Empire had more than 800,000 soldiers at the moment!

Even though Fei had already mentally prepared himself, he was still shocked to his core when he learned that information.

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