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Hail the King Chapter 759.2

Chapter 759: The Strange Setup (Part Two)

After all, Zenit was only a level 1 empire. Even if Emperor Yassin had been managing the Empire with great care and accumulated a lot of resources, its territories and population were limited.

A level 1 empire was able to rack up more than 800,000 soldiers in the war. Would that mean level 8 and level 9 empires on the Continent could recruit as many as tens of millions of soldiers?

Even though Fei wasn’t too familiar with the wars and battles on Earth, he knew that the United States only had about 1.3 million soldiers. The numbers that were flashing in Fei’s mind stunned him.

“This magical world couldn’t be measured with the same metrics on Earth…” Fei thought to himself.

In honesty, Fei didn’t know how much supplies and food that a military of more than 800,000 soldiers would need. However, he knew that since he was in a world where magic existed, the limitation of space and time was looser. Many things that couldn’t be possible in Fei’s mind when he was on Earth became a reality in this world.

In addition, the Royal Family and the Imperial Military Headquarters of Zenit weren’t idiots.

“Since the military of Zenit racked up so many soldiers, then there shouldn’t be an issue feeding the soldiers and equipping them, right?” Fei thought to himself.

With the same logic, Fei thought about the terrifying potential that the level 6 Leon Empire and the level 7 Ormond Empire could have if they were pushed to a desperate situation. Just this thought gave him chills!

The Chaos Era had only just begun…

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On the sixth day, the internal memo issued by the Imperial Military Headquarters passed down the final battle plan.

This plan shocked many spectators.

As Zenit’s God of War, Arshavin who was the perfect candidate for the chief commander position didn’t get his chance. Also, it seemed like the Royal Family and the Imperial Military Headquarters also didn’t have the determination to put all the soldiers into this war and get a quick victory. All ten new legions were ordered to stay close to St. Petersburg, and Crown Prince Arshavin was in charge of training them. It was unknown when the new legions would be used in the war.

The Empire was only putting a little over 200,000 soldiers into the war in the southern region, and they were divided into two groups.

Second Prince Dominguez led the first group. This group was comprised of the 40,000 soldiers that he obtained by gathering random troops from other affiliated kingdoms, and they were now his personal legion. In addition, there was the [Fast Wind Legion] and the [Burning Flame Legion] that were both constructed after the competition among the affiliated kingdoms at St. Petersburg. There was in total a little over 100,000 soldiers.

Also, the masters from the Imperial Patrol and the Imperial Senate went with him.

They were going to attack the enemies in the southern region from the southeast, and their target was the troops of the level 6 Legion Empire that were camped in the Red Leaf Province.

The second group was led by Fourth Prince Chrystal who wasn’t that famous and was pushed out of the battle for the throne. This prince who didn’t have that great of a reputation finally got the chance to prove himself. On top of gaining control of the [Gigantic Force Legion] which was a top-tier legion in the Empire, the [Tornado Legion] and the [Tsunami Legion] also went with him. In addition, he received the full support from the Beag Family, and it was heard that Beag Family’s princess, Beag Beyonce, also went with Fourth Prince Chrystal to the frontline. They were going into the southern region from the southeast, and their targets were the armies of the smaller empires in the Ten-Empire United Troops.

It seemed like the decision made by the Royal Family was really strange.

Even though about 200,000 soldiers were sent into the war, it felt like they were only there to fulfill their duties roughly. It seemed like the decision makers at Zenit weren’t that interested in taking back the six provinces in the south that were taken from them, and a lot of people had a hard time understanding their intent.

Also, even though it seemed like Crown Prince Arshavin lost the opportunity to increase his influence in this war, he still had complete control of his [Iron Blood Legion]; this legion wasn’t put into the war.

Also, the ten new legions were given to him to train. People believed that in a short amount of time, these legions would become his personal legions as well. It seemed like someone was protecting Zenit’s God of War who was in the spotlight recently so that he wouldn’t be dragged into this messy mud pit.

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