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Hail the King Chapter 760.1

Chapter 760: The Mysterious Prince (Part One)

Second Prince Dominguez finally got his opportunity to lead an army, but it was not that unexpected. After all, this prince was known for his talent and intelligence, and Emperor Yassin loved him. However, the appointment of Fourth Prince Chrystal was something that many people didn’t understand. Everyone knew that this prince was someone who couldn’t be helped. He was arrogant, lacking talent, and short-sighted.

After all, this war wasn’t child’s play! Giving more than 100,000 soldiers to someone like him seemed like a rash decision! Many people felt like this quick and unreasonable decision by the Royal Family and the Imperial Military Headquarters was going to come back and harm the Empire!

“Could it be that Emperor Yassin who is severely ill is trying to test all the candidates and pick the person for the throne?” people thought.

Emperor Yassin had ten kids, four boys and six girls. Except for Crown Prince Arshavin, Second Prince Dominguez, Fourth Prince Chrystal, and Elder Princess Tanasha who were mature, the other five princesses were all too young. Second Princess Cheryl was only 14 years old, and she wasn’t given the official title yet. Therefore, she wasn’t active in the noble circle at St. Petersburg.

Out of Emperor Yassin’s ten kids, the most mysterious one was the Third Prince.

Except for the birth record and the title, everything else about this prince was a mystery.

According to the memories of the elderly ministers, this prince alongside his mother, who was the most beloved queen of Emperor Yassin, disappeared one-month after birth. Since this queen was not from a noble family, all kinds of rumors were passed around.

Some people said that this queen who had an ordinary background offended Emperor Yassin, so she was asked to commit suicide with her son. Others said that Third Prince died due to illness right after birth, and that queen soon passed away because she was too sad and couldn’t live on. Also, some people believed that this ordinary queen was mighty and left Zenit after giving birth to the Third Prince, and some people stated that the Third Prince was talented and was taken as a disciple by a very powerful master.

Except for Emperor Yassin and a few elderly ministers who knew a thing or two, no one else had any idea about the Third Prince.

The only thing was that even though this Third Prince never appeared, the Royal Family didn’t remove his title and take his name off the record. The Third Prince’s mansion in St. Petersburg was empty for all these years, but it was well-managed and fixed by the Royal Family. Although it cost money and resources to keep up this empty mansion, it wasn’t stopped. Therefore, it seemed to suggest that this mysterious Third Prince was still alive in this world.

Fei was quite curious about the mysterious Third Prince was well.

Using the [Letter Office]’s networks in St. Petersburg, Fei tried to get more information on the Third Prince. However, nothing came up, so he had to give up on his curiosity.

Since it seemed like Emperor Yassin was trying to pick the next right ruler of Zenit, all the old events were mentioned. According to the laws and traditions of the Empire, all the mature princes could become the next emperor, and the person with the most abilities would be picked. Therefore, the Third Prince who disappeared but was still alive was also a candidate, and he couldn’t be overlooked.

No one could say for sure that the Third Prince who had disappeared for a long time would never jump out from somewhere and fight for the throne.

Fei’s curiosity was intrigued again at this news.

However, that was only a momentary thought. After all, Fei had more important things to do at the moment instead of trying to learn about the gossips surrounding the Royal Family of Zenit.

Right now, the most urgent matter for him was to figure out what was going on with these skeletons, whether it was the golden skeleton that got revived or that bloody-red skeleton.

Fei had a feeling that these things were connected. Therefore, the king was determined to go to the Leon Empire after hearing about that mysterious master from Buckingham. He wanted to see if he would be lucky enough to run into this mysterious master or at least get some clues.

In addition, going to the Leon Empire wasn’t that big of a detour from the original plan, so it wasn’t a big change.

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  1. Djsosonut

    Money on Fei being the third prince and he was sent off because he was born dim-witted. Would explain why the First Prince turned hostile to him. He’s the biggest threat to him getting the throne.

  2. Draghnof

    I think the 4th prince is just a decoy, the fact that he commands the most ancient legion means that he will be a big threat to the ten empires.

    On the other side, Dominguez only commands newly formed legions and a coalition of affiliated kingdom so he shouldn’t be as menacing that the 4th prince to the ten empires. But the masters went with him, so I think Chrystal is a punching bag while Dominguez is a hidden dagger 😉

  3. Maybe fei is the 3rd prince?

  4. seva


  5. EKANTA Unknown

    Mysterious 3rd prince? Almost all readers are speculating it to be Fei. However, i have a question. Wasn’t there another prince that came to Chambord during the coronation ceremony of Alexander. So he could also be a prince but why is he not mentioned?

  6. Mark Edison Jawid

    There was a “little prince tropinski” he was active early plot somewhere chap 60. Yet in this chapter there are only 4 prince.

    • It is mentioned that some young and immature children of Yassin aren’t as qualified, so they aren’t in the equation.

  7. Mark Edison Jawid

    Wasn’t there a little prince tropinski from early chapters like 60?

  8. Trevor Abbott

    Fei was quite curious about the mysterious Third Prince was well.
    Imma tell him..

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