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Hail the King Chapter 760.2

Chapter 760: The Mysterious Prince (Part Two)

-The seventh day-

Fei received the intelligence report from the [Letter Office], and he learned of shocking news that the Royal Family didn’t spread using the official channels.

After the united troops confirmed that Fei was inside the Capital of Byzantine, they formed an assassination squad made of all Moon-Class Elites and tried to kill all the prominent members of the Royal Family and the ministers when no top-tier masters were protecting St. Petersburg.

In the beginning, this plan was working, and it went smooth, taking Zenitians by surprise.

The assassination squad quickly got into St. Petersburg and destroyed the troops who were there to stop them, getting very close to the Royal Palace of Zenit.

Just as they were about to wipe out the entire Royal Palace, a mysterious master suddenly dashed out of the Royal Palace and killed the entire assassination squad; none of the Moon-Class Elites survived. They were all exterminated on the square about 100 meters away from the Royal Palace.

This mysterious master didn’t disclose his identity, and he only appeared for a few seconds.

According to the description of the intelligence worker of the [Letter Office], just as the Royal Palace was about to be broken, a dash of blue light suddenly rushed out and instantly destroyed more than ten Moon-Class Elites in a few moves, including a peak Full Moon Elite and a level 9 mid-tier Full Moon Elite.

That mysterious master was enveloped by a blue light, and no one saw what he looked like and what techniques he used. However, one thing was clear; this mysterious master was a friend and not an enemy. In addition, this person might be a Sun-Class Lord or very close to it.

This news surprised the people in St. Petersburg to their cores, and it shocked their enemies. It wasn’t less significant compared to the news that the King of Chambord was a Sun-Class Lord.

In fact, the Royal Family of Zenit was even more mysterious in people’s eyes.

“How can a level 1 empire have such a vast accumulation of power?” they thought to themselves.

The Ten-Empire United Troops failed again. They were trying to take advantage of Zenit when the King of Chambord wasn’t in, but they lost more than ten Moon-Class Elites again.

Including the Moon-Class Elites who were killed by the King of Chambord during the defensive battle at St. Petersburg, the Ten-Empire United Troops had lost more than 20 Moon-Class Elites! Even though this alliance comprised of ten empires, such losses were too much to take!

Many people were trying to guess the identity of that mysterious master, and all kinds of rumors were passed around.

However, only Fei knew who that mysterious master was.

With this person inside St. Petersburg, the city would be safe even if the enemies got a Sun-Class Lord to attack Zenit.

This was one of the reasons why Fei was confident enough to leave the Empire and go on a trip.

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-The eighth day-

Something else happened in Zenit that caught people’s attention.

Chambord sent out an elite team of 300 bylaw enforcement officers that was led by Lampard and Old Aryang. They joined the forces of Second Prince Dominguez and participated in the battles in the southern region of the Empire.

Although 300 soldiers weren’t much in the grand scheme of things, it was an important signal.

Many people were speculating and felt like the King of Chambord who was now the Imperial Martial Saint was telling others that he was still standing on the side of Second Prince Dominguez.

It was public information that Lampard was one of the 12 gold saints of Chambord, and he was the Gold Leon Saint. His strength had reached Moon-Class, and no one knew exactly how powerful he was.

Most importantly, this man was one of the most trusted people of the King of Chambord, and he was the King of Chambord’s respected senior. The fact that he was leading the soldiers showed the great support that Chambord had toward the Second Prince.

However, a lot of people weren’t familiar with Old Aryang, the strategist.

Right now, no one knew how this insignificant person in their eyes was going to change the outcome of the war in the southern region of Zenit and the fate of the Empire.

By the time they realized who this person was, he would already be one of the most brilliant generals of the Chaos Era.

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    Lol it feels pathetic that Chambord can only send 300 soldiers eventhough they are elites. Imho Fei should expand his army to at least 10000 men. And he should enlarge his assassin unit from 4 person only to at minimum a 300-men detachment. The detachment can work together with the Letter Office for blackops.

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      And where does it say that Chambord can only send 300 soldiers? Just because they only sent 300 doesn’t mean it’s their limit

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    Why the secrecy of the imperial family, all this fluff seems to me just bigger plot armor….. What is this novel trying to be game of thrones? It’d be awesome if it could but rn it seems like Lofty aspirations as some developments are pointless fluff without logical transition and reasonable world development along with character development

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