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Hail the King Chapter 762.1

Chapter 762: Whitewashing (Part One)

Fei observed this fatty who was dressed in fancy clothing and asked Constantine without showing much emotion, “This gentleman named Sherwood is…”

“Ah, allow me to introduce him. Mr. Sherwood is a prestigious level 1 noble of the Empire, and he is the highest-leveled military commander in the Green Wind Province and the castellan of Green Wind City.” Before Constantine got the chance to respond, another young nobleman who had a flattering smile on his face quickly answered in advanced while waving his hand at Constantine, telling the latter to go away fast.

“Oh.” Fei nodded as if he suddenly realized this fatty’s prestigious identity. He said, “Oh, so you are the castellan of Green Wind City. I heard that when the enemies invaded the empire, there were about 50,000 elite soldiers inside Green Wind City which had been managed and strengthened by the Empire for many years. The city could at least hold the enemies for half a day and buy precious time so that the Empire could be warned, but someone ordered the troops to ditch the city and more than 200,000 civilians who lived there, only escaping with more than a thousand nobles and high-level officials. This foolish decision allowed the enemies to take control of Green Wind City with ease, kill tens of thousands of citizens of Zenit, and made the 50,000 elite soldiers not have the proper set up to fight. I also heard that they were surrounded by Leonians in the open, and only a few people escaped… eh, could it be that the person who made such a stupid call was Mr. Sherwood?”

The smile on Sherwood’s face instantly froze.

Everyone could hear the hostility and displeasure in the Imperial Martial Saint’s tone.

However, that young nobleman was a cunning character. He rolled his eyes, thought of something quickly, and explained with a smile, “Mr. Alexander, you have misunderstood Mr. Sherwood. He decided to leave the city with the troop because he wanted to retain the military force and get back to St. Petersburg to protect the Royal Family. Mr. Sherwood is just loyal and was thinking ahead. However, the enemies were way too fast, and they caught up before the troop could get back to St. Petersburg. Mr. Sherwood commanded the troop and battled with the enemies, and blood stained his clothes and armor. In the end, he couldn’t turn the situation around. Most of the soldiers were killed, and Mr. Sherwood was injured in several places and fainted due to the loss of blood. He was saved by a few powerful masters in the military who were touched by his bravery, and they came to Byzantine to look for you with the desire to kill enemies and avenge for our fallen brothers and sisters!”

“Yeah! That was what truly happened!”

“Mr. Sherwood is really the model for the rest of the noblemen and officials of the Empire!”

“Yeah! Those people who created rumors to attack Mr. Sherwood deserve to die! Mr. Sherwood is brave and selfless! He is an important figure in the Empire!”

The other noblemen who were in fancy clothes and fat with double chins quickly raised their wine glasses which were filled with red wine and added to what that young nobleman said.

After hearing what had been said, the awkward expression disappeared, and the smile re-appeared on Sherwood’s face

Only King Constantine of Byzantine cussed in his mind, “These b*stards! They are just trying to whitewash themselves! In the Green Wind Province, even the sand grains know that this Coward Sherwood ditched the city after hearing that enemies were coming, and he handed Green Wind City away and indirectly murdered the 50,000 elite soldiers! He is the guiltiest person! How dare he try to flip this whole thing around and try to claim credit? This is unforgivable!”

Constantine wanted to rip this lie apart.

However, on the second thought, Sherwood’s status and official power were much higher than his, and his kingdom technically still had to listen to Sherwood’s orders. If he were abrupt and spilled everything, he might be troubled a lot in the future. Therefore, he decided to hold back his words for now and explain everything to the Imperial Martial Saint later in private. He just hoped that Fei wouldn’t be fooled by these cunning and shameless people.

After Fei listened to the words said by the nobles around him, he didn’t express anything. Instead, he stared at that young nobleman who was quick on his feet.

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