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Hail the King Chapter 762.2

Chapter 762: Whitewashing (Part Two)

Just when that young nobleman was about to collapse mentally under Fei’s pressure, the king asked slowly, “Then… who are you?”

This young nobleman was nervous; he didn’t know if he were in luck, or bad fortune was about to fall on him. He quickly bowed with a flattering smile on his face and replied, “Sir, I’m Ryan, a member of the Knight Family.”

“Oh, Ryan Knight.”

Fei nodded and thought, “The Knight Family is a mid-tier noble family that is more powerful than its peers, and they have a faint royal bloodline. This young man should be a descendant of the core members, and he was probably sent to Green Wind Province to fill a high-power position.”

Then, Fei smiled and said, “You sure are a good talker. Since you know a lot, then you can introduce all the noblemen who are here tonight to me. It is my first time being in the southern region of the Empire, and I’m not familiar with a lot of things!”

After hearing what Fei said, this young nobleman who was nervous calmed down and felt elated.

The other noblemen also looked at him in jealousy and envy.

“From the tone of Mr. Martial Saint, it seems like he is pleased with Ryan Knight’s performance. This kid of the Knight Family is a sweet talker but a vicious character, great at flattering people and observing the situation. This time, he got praised by the Imperial Martial Saint, and it seems like he can be promoted. If Mr. Martial Saint takes him in as a disciple, then his entire family would be elevated! It seems like his future is now limitless!” the noblemen thought to themselves.

Ryan Knight was in high spirits and wanted to show off in front of Fei. Therefore, he quickly started to introduce the people at the party to Fei. It was clear that this young man was observant; he knew the detailed histories of everyone here. As he walked around with Fei and introduced them, he secretly told the king everything about these noblemen, including their family backgrounds, which prince they were supporting, and other details.

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“This is General Vincent; he is the former legion commander of the legion inside Green Wind City…”

“This is Mr. Jonson; he is the official who is in charge of military supplies…”

“This is Mr. Goulet; he is Mr. Sherwood’s butler…”

“This is Mr. Berezov; he is a level 3 noble and the official who is in charge of taxes in Green Wind City…”

With Ryan Knight doing the introductions, Fei memorized these people’s looks, matching them with the names that he got from the intelligence report from the [Letter Office]. The king didn’t say much and only took a quick tour around the hall.

Then, he quickly returned to where he was before. There were a few noble ladies who had mature bodies and were wearing alluring dresses, and they invited Fei to dance with them. However, the king turned them down without hesitation.

After Fei returned to his seat and was thinking about how he should deal with the situation, a series of flattering laughter sounded. Then, people such as Sherwood and Jonson walked to him with wine glasses.

“You have something to tell me?” Fei asked with a faint smile on his face as he saw the hesitating expression on their faces. Then, he leaned on the chair and swirled the wine in his wine glass.

Perhaps Fei’s smile sent the wrong signal, Fatty Sherwood relaxed. He acted like he was really hesitant about something and said with a disappointed and sad expression, “Mr. Martial Saint, as the leader of a defeated troop, I shouldn’t be saying these things to you. However, for the benefit of the Empire and the final victory of this war, I couldn’t contain it anymore, even if I might anger you. Today, I have to mention to you the crazy things that King Constantine of Byzantine has been doing!”

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  1. Trying to shift the blame to King Constatine. Wrong move.

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