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Hail the King Chapter 763.1

Chapter 763: Vicious Intent (Part One)

“Oh?” Fei didn’t express his opinion at all. After drinking the red wine in his wine glass with a smile on his face, he paused for a second before gesturing at the stone chairs beside him, telling these noblemen to sit down.

This action passed the wrong signal to these noblemen again.

Sherwood was too excited, and his last bit of hesitation disappeared.

With a flattering smile on his face, he quickly beckoned at others and told them to sit down. Then, he couldn’t hold back any longer and started to complain as an honest expression appeared on his face, “Mr. Martial Saint, I know that you like the King of Byzantine and want the best for him, even teaching him cultivation techniques and combat techniques. Sir, you are thinking for the Empire and want to create more talents for Zenit, but that despicable King of Byzantine let you down. Although he is young, he is calculative and up to no good. I don’t need to say much; I only need to bring one thing to your attention. Sir, just think about it. The Ten-Empire United Troops invaded Zenit, and the entire southern region of the Empire fell into their hands. However, why was this Byzantine Kingdom able to last two days under the siege of enemies before being conquered? Also, I heard that the enemies didn’t take the treasures and wealth of the Byzantine Kingdom. How is this possible?”

Fei looked up at Sherwood casually and said, “Is it because the military of Byzantine is strong, and its soldiers and citizens are united? Is that why they were able to block the enemies for so long?”

Sherwood sighed as he shook his head, saying “In the beginning, I thought that way as well, including everyone here. However, we accidentally discovered that this b*stard had already betrayed the Empire and surrendered to the Leonians. That was why this Byzantine Kingdom got special treatment, and it lasted a lot longer. After all, the two level 1 affiliated kingdoms in the southern region of Zenit only lasted a few hours before being conquered…”

After Fei heard Sherwood’s explanation and saw the latter’s sincere stare, he nodded and swirled the wine in the glass; he didn’t say anything directly or give his opinion.

Ryan Knight was quick. See that Fei’s wine glass was emptying, he quickly refilled it for Fei.

Sherwood gritted his teeth and decided to add more fuel to the fire after seeing that Fei wasn’t convinced. He continued, “In the last few days, we have been monitoring Constantine in secret, and we got more evidence that proves his crimes. Now, many citizens and defeated soldiers of Zenit have gathered in the Byzantine Kingdom due to your influence and power, but this Constantine doesn’t respect you at all. He is of low status, but he is living in this King’s Palace and placed you, the Imperial Martial Saint who has done so much for the empire, inside a little hotel…”

It was clear that Sherwood tried to break the bond between Fei and Constantine, and it was a despicable move.

Fei nodded but still didn’t say anything.

However, Sherwood was pleased. Since Fei nodded, he felt like the Imperial Martial Saint agreed with him.

In high spirits, he continued while talking animatedly, “That is only one offense. In addition, Constantine is using your fame to recruit soldiers and build troops. During that battle at Storm Point Bay, it was your timely appearance that saved the situation, and you were the one who defeated the fleet of Leon, capturing many battleships, resources, and war slaves. However, Constantine kept all these things to himself, and he forced those people, who came here for you, into his military. Also, he didn’t kill a single captive of Leon, and the head commander of Leon whom you captured is being well-fed every day, and he wasn’t even sent to St. Petersburg for the Royal Family of Zenit to deal with. I heard that the citizens and soldiers of Byzantine asked Constantine to kill this butcher many times. After all, this butcher’s hands are stained by the blood of our people. However, Constantine refused every time…”

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