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Hail the King Chapter 763.2

Chapter 763: Vicious Intent (Part Two)

As Sherwood said that, he looked at his peers who were sitting beside him.

Those people instantly understood what Sherwood meant, and they chimed in.

Berezov who was in charge of taxes said, “Yeah! Yeah! Mr. Sherwood is right! This Constantine is young, but he is very vicious. He is like a tumor in the southern region of Zenit, and he is going to destroy the Empire one day. He is going to stain your honor and glory as the supreme Imperial Martial Saint!”

Johnson who was in charge of military supplies said, “Right now, he is trying to centralize power, completely ignoring the military laws and orders of Zenit! He is way too reckless!”

General Vincent who led the former Green Wind Legion added, “That is right. According to the laws of the Empire, only Mr. Sherwood has the privilege of constructing armies and dealing with the captives. Mr. Sherwood should be the highest-level commander in the Green Wind Province, but this King of Byzantine dares to go around Mr. Sherwood and is overreaching, trying to control everything he can. He is up to no good!”

Butler Goulet sneered, “It is because this is the only way that he could hide the evidence of him surrendering to the Leon Empire and betraying the Zenit Empire. He can keep his throne in the meantime this way, and he can get more money from the Leonians in the future!”

Fei listened to everyone’s opinion in silence and didn’t say anything.

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After everyone expressed their opinions, Fei chugged the wine in his wine glass slowly, looked at Sherwood with a strange smile, and asked, “Then, what is your plan? What are you guys thinking about? You guys are of high status, and you must have great strategies.”

Sherwood had been waiting for Fei to say that.

As soon as he heard Fei’s question, he declared in a righteous tone, “Right now, the Byzantine Kingdom has built an elite ground force and a navy, and its military power is strong. In a short time, there will be no issues with food supplies as well. In my opinion, you should instantly order the execution of Constantine who had already betrayed the Empire and wipe out the entire Royal Family of Byzantine to get rid of all possible spies; that would send a strong signal to those who have ill intentions. Then, you should gather all the power and create a more clear and effective structure, elect a capable and honorable noble, and name him the head commander of the military here. This is the only way that the current soldiers can be utilized to their full potential, and the millions of citizens in the Green Wind Province can be protected!”

“Kill Constantine, centralize the forces, and elect a commander?” Fei asked with a smile on his face.

“Yeah, that is the best way for now,” Sherwood replied and nodded.

“Yeah, right now, the military of Byzantine is the only force that can fight against the enemies in the southern region. This force shouldn’t be controlled by people who are of low status. In my opinion, Mr. Sherwood is brave and heroic, he had fought many battles, and he is a level 1 noble. He is the perfect candidate for the new head commander position!” Berezov suggested.

“Nice! This is a great proposal! I was thinking about the same thing!”

“Yeah, it is a misfortune that a despicable person like Constantine is in power! If Mr. Sherwood is willing to do extra work and save the situation, Zenit would be blessed. Mr. Sherwood, I hope that you won’t push off this responsibility!”

“Mr. Sherwood has been doing a lot of work for the Royal Family and the Empire, and I saw it with my own eyes. I’m really moved, and I also agree with Mr. Sherwood becoming the new head commander!”

The other noblemen all chimed in and praised Sherwood with righteous expressions, looking like they were all thinking for the Empire and worrying for the people.

Fei sighed in his mind, “This bunch of people are shameless!”

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