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Hail the King Chapter 764.1

Chapter 764: Sir, Please Spare Me! (Part One)

Due to these people’s selfishness, incompetence, and foolishness, the Green Wind Province which had a heavy military focus was instantly conquered by the enemies, leaving thousands of square kilometers of land and millions of Zenitians to the hands of the invaders. However, these people who caused all this were in here enjoying themselves. They were wearing fancy clothes, eating great food, and drinking top-tier wine.

What was more infuriating was that these bad bugs weren’t ashamed of what they did at all. Even if they kept quiet and didn’t do anything, keep on being useless, it would still be better than this. Instead, they kept on stepping over the line.

As soon as they got the chance to breathe, they started to try to play with fire, whitewash themselves, fight for power, kill their political enemies, and frame loyal citizens. They were despicable and deserved to be killed for their behaviors! They were the guiltiest people in the Empire! They were unforgivable!

Fei almost couldn’t hold back his anger and turned these fat and arrogant noblemen in front of him into pieces. However, he refrained himself from doing so. After thinking for a bit, he beckoned at Torres who was standing behind him. Without hesitation and trying to hide, he said slowly, “Pass my order and ask Constantine to gather the troops quickly. Also, call over the wealthy families, nobles, influential people, and citizens to the military training ground in the city. As the Imperial Martial Saint, I’m going to announce the new rules and policies.”

Torres nodded and left, not asking any questions.

“Mr. Sherwood is right, everything needs to be centralized, and the power structure needs to be clearer,” Fei said with a smile on his face and glanced at the thrilled noblemen around him. “I think the party tonight can end here. Gentlemen, you have been doing a lot of work. Go prepare and head to the military training ground; there are more important things to do later!”

Everyone was happy. After they praised Fei’s clever decision, the noblemen left the party in a great mood.

However, Ryan Knight who was observant and smart didn’t leave right away. Instead, he stood by Fei’s side in silence, and he shivered a little uncontrollably. Not sure when, but big sweat drops already appeared all over his head. With a strange expression on his face, he didn’t dare to speak nor move.

“Huh? Why aren’t you preparing for the event?” Fei stood up and asked without even looking back.

“Sir, please spare me!” Ryan Knight instantly kneeled and kowtowed; his face was as pale as a ghost.

“Huh? What are you talking about? When did I say that I’m going to kill you?” Fei turned around and asked again while observing this young nobleman with interest.

Ryan Knight was so scared right now that he didn’t dare to look up nor explain anything. He just kept on kowtowing.

He was smart and good at observing situations. He was different from noblemen like Sherwood who had stayed at high positions in the Green Wind Province and thus had already lost this basic survival instinct. Since they were like the rulers of the Province, their words were treated as commands, and they didn’t have to be observant at all anymore.

What was most important was that he knew Fei’s background.

As a young man, it was normal for him to admire mighty warriors. Ryan Knight dreamed of becoming a powerful master, so he treated Fei as his idol. Therefore, he knew a lot of things about this new Imperial Martial Saint, including Fei’s personality.

He knew that this young king hated corrupted noblemen who were good for nothing. When the king got angry, he killed many high-level noblemen at Dual-Flags City, and even Crown Prince Arshavin got stirred up and couldn’t do anything about this king. Therefore, all the old rules were meant to be broken by this young Imperial Martial Saint.

This time, noblemen like Sherwood lost their awareness and tried to fool the Imperial Martial Saint who was young. They decided to use their old methods of deceiving the other officials of Zenit, but they were playing with fire and stepping over the line.

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