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Hail the King Chapter 764.2

Chapter 764: Sir, Please Spare Me! (Part Two)

Seeing Ryan Knight like this, Fei wasn’t in a hurry to leave. He got back into his seat and asked with a strange smile on his face, “Ok, since you are smart and want me to spare you, then tell me if what they told me is the truth.”

Hearing this, Ryan Knight quickly crawled up and replied respectfully, “That was all shameless slander. People like Sherwood are trying to get control of the military of the Byzantine Kingdom. They can only protect themselves in the southern region if they have soldiers around them. Then, they could use other methods to try to get the Royal Family to pardon them for their mistakes. Since Sherwood doesn’t have any masters around him, and he isn’t sure of your intention, he had been trying to conspire…”

“Hahaha! I didn’t expect this to be so easy! It went so smooth!” Sherwood felt very confident and reassured after he left the party and went back.

Berezov, the tax officer, laughed proudly, “The entire Empire is praising this great Imperial Martial Saint. We finally met him today, and it cleared a lot of things. No wonder; he is only a little kid who is younger than 20 years old, and he is a bumpkin. He probably used all his time on martial arts and is like an idiot in terms of other stuff. Even though he is famous, he got easily fooled by us and is being used, haha!”

General Vincent, the commander of former Green Wind Legion, shook his head and smiled. “After all, he is only a warrior. What can he do? If our plan goes smooth, he will be played by us like a toddler!”

As they chatted, they laughed and felt proud.

These people were useless noblemen who were used to playing with power and conspiring against loyal and capable people. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have made those dumb decisions, handing away Green Wind City that was well protected and indirectly killing more than 40,000 elite soldiers.

Right now, they still hadn’t discovered their dangerous situation. With proud smiles, they went back to their temporary residences, put on their newest suits, and headed toward the military training ground under the protection of their guards.

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When Fei arrived at the military training ground, there were already a ton of people there. As campfires burned, they created numerous shadows of the people here. People were everywhere, and they stood on their tip-toes, trying to get a glance at the legendary Imperial Martial Saint.

After these few days of hard work, Constantine had recruited many soldiers. Including the former soldiers of Byzantine and the new soldiers, there were more than 20,000 of them. If the militia that was created under Fei’s recommendation was included as well, they could almost form a complete legion with 40,000 people.

When a military commander announced that the Imperial Martial Saint arrived, thunderous cheers instantly exploded. People started to jump up and clap, and the atmosphere in the military training ground was heated like an erupting volcano. The unstoppable passion filled the air, and it was almost turning this city upside-down.

This was the prestige of the Imperial Martial Saint!

This was the influence of the only spiritual pillar of the Empire!

As Fei walked past the people slowly with a smile on his face, he was showered in the cheers. He looked like a god who was traveling in the mortal world, but he was more intimate and real compared with gods. To many citizens of Zenit, the gods didn’t respond to their prayers, but the appearance of King Alexander of Chambord changed their tragic fate.

In their minds, Fei was already a god!

Ryan Knight walked behind Fei closely. Even though he still looked frightened, he was much more relaxed compared to before.

Right now, the noblemen like Sherwood who had just disrespected Fei behind his back not too long ago were stunned by this scene, and their faces turned pale as they got a little scared.

When Fei got onto the stage, he didn’t say anything. Instead, he handed a silver crystal to King Constantine of Byzantine who had been waiting.

It was a divvy crystal.

Soon, a mage injected some magic energy into it, and lights shot out of the crystal and created a giant screen in the nightly sky. The videos and voices recorded in the crystal were clearly replayed in front of hundreds of thousands of soldiers and citizens.

Instantly, noblemen like Sherwood who were in front of the crowd and wearing fancy clothes turned ashen-faced, and they shivered uncontrollably.

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