Chapter 765: Save The Energy (Part One)

The main characters in the video that was being played in the sky were noblemen such as Sherwood and his people.

“… I couldn’t contain it anymore. Even if I might anger you, I have to mention to you the crazy things that King Constantine of Byzantine has been doing…”

“… why was this Byzantine Kingdom able to last two days under the siege of enemies before being conquered? This b*stard had already betrayed the Empire and surrendered to the Leonians…”

“… However, Constantine kept all those things to himself, and he forced those people, who came here for you, into his military…”

“… Constantine refused to send the head commander of the navy of Leon to St. Petersburg; he is refusing the execution of a man whose hands are stained by the blood of our people. This is a solid proof that he betrayed the Empire and wants to save this high-level Leonian…”

“… I recommend centralizing power and kill Constantine…”

“… Mr. Sherwood is brave and heroic. He had fought many battles, and he is a level 1 noble. He is the perfect candidate for the new head commander position…”

The quality of the video was great, and the sounds weren’t muffled at all. The divvy crystal recorded the conversation between Fei and these noblemen and was replaying it at the moment.

In the beginning, the crowd was quiet. However, unstoppable discussions and chatters sounded in the area. The small chatters grew into loud shouts, and some people started to curse, yell, and accuse the noblemen of lying. The regular people in the military training ground couldn’t help but shout in anger.

The entire military training ground was filled with noises, and the people were confused.

They looked at King Constantine who was standing in the very front of the entire military training ground and the noblemen such as Sherwood and Johnson, wanting to find clues on their faces. The young king looked calm, not showing any panicky nor angry expressions. Even though the noblemen felt like something was wrong, they still acted calm and confident on the surface.

The soldiers and commanders of Byzantine were already pointing at the people such as Sherwood and accused them of wrongdoing.

These despicable noblemen were more vicious than undead creatures! Nine days ago, they looked so pitiful when they came to Byzantine, and they begged for protection. However, only a few days passed, and they went back to their former selves. They were no different from wolves that had no virtue. As soon as they got comfortable, they started to frame King Constantine behind his back and slandered him in front of the Imperial Martial Saint.

In the crowd, a lot of other noblemen were influential figures in the Green Wind Province before the war, and they also wanted to use this opportunity to mess up the situation and profit from it. In addition, there were little noblemen in the Byzantine Empire who were bribed by Sherwood and his peers, and they stood on the side of Sherwood and questioned and cursed at Constantine with emotional expressions.

The situation was quite chaotic.

Fei stood on the stage quietly and just watched as the mess continued to grow.

After about ten minutes, all the video recorded in the divvy crystal was played. That magic energy screen which was in the sky turned into a dash of silver energy and went back into the crystal.

The mage who was injecting magic energy into this divvy crystal was a Three-Star Mage who recently joined the military of Byzantine, and he was terrified.

When he first received the mission of playing the video in the divvy crystal, he thought that he got an opportunity to showcase his strength, and he didn’t anticipate the shocking content inside of it.

If he knew about this beforehand, he couldn’t dare to play it in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

There were only angry shouts in the beginning, but the people on the two sides almost started fighting.

It was clear that some soldiers and commanders in the newly-formed troops were bought by Sherwood and his peers in secret. Under their instigation, the military which was neutral started to get anxious.

The situation was chaotic and disorderly.

Sherwood and the other noblemen who were nervous felt a lot more confident.

This scene was what they wanted to see. They could only obtain benefit and be the winners if the water were dirty. Even though King Constantine of Byzantine was righteous and just in the eyes of his people, this king was only a little kid in these noblemen’s eyes.

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