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Hail the King Chapter 765.2

Chapter 765: Save The Energy (Part Two)

“Perhaps he is talented at managing his kingdom and commanding troops, but he is far less experienced in creating conspiracies and traps!” they thought.

Sherwood and other noblemen spent a lot of money and made many promises in these few days, and it seemed like the people who were bribed by them were helping them out at the moment.

“Also, it seems like the Imperial Martial Saint is on our side as well! It is clear that what we told him affected his judgment! As long as the King of Chambord opens his mouth, it would be the last straw that breaks Constantine’s back!” the noblemen thought, “Everything is going according to plan, and everything is good…”

The confrontation got more out of control.

Weapons were drawn, and cold lights were reflected off their edges. The two sides were about to battle.

At this moment, Fei broke his long silence and said, “That is enough! Stop arguing!”

Although Fei wasn’t loud, his voice had a unique power. Everyone in the area heard him clearly, and all the shouts and curses disappeared. The tension between the two groups was gone, and in its place was another form of pressure that came from the Imperial Martial Saint.

Everyone wanted to know what the verdict from the Imperial Martial Saint was!

A winning smile already appeared on Sherwood’s face; he felt like he already knew what the King of Chambord was going to say.

Fei finally spoke, but what he said was completely opposite to the words that Sherwood was hoping for.

“Noblemen including Sherwood, Goulet, Johnson, and Berezov are vicious. They destroyed the Green Wind Province and indirectly killed the hundreds of thousands of citizens in Green Wind City for their own selfish interests. Also, they conspired against Constantine who has done much for Zenit. They are unforgivable bugs, and they shall be stripped of their status and arrested. According to the laws of Zenit, they shall be hung right now!”

As soon as he finished, several bylaw enforcement officers of Chambord who were prepared separated the crowd and walked over domineeringly, arresting Sherwood and his peers.

“No…” Sherwood wasn’t able to react in time. With a blank mind, he couldn’t believe what he heard and thought that he heard it wrong. The tight ropes caused the pain in his wrists, and it made him struggle and shout, “This is nonsense! I’m someone who worked hard for the Empire, and Constantine is the person who betrayed Zenit! I don’t agree with this! You are framing me! I’m going to sue you and report this to the Royal Family! I don’t agree… I don’t agree!!”

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“Doesn’t matter if you agree or not; you are dying anyway. Why be so emotional? Save the energy!” Fei waved his hand and told the noisy crowd to be quiet for a moment.

“You…. Sir… Constantine did so many things that are against the laws! He constructed armies… he… he didn’t kill the Leonian captives, he didn’t kill King Buckingham of Leon… Although you are the Imperial Martial Saint, you can’t overprotect a criminal like him! I don’t agree with this!” Sherwood shouted.

“Yeah! Mr. Sherwood is right! Mr. Martial Saint, you can’t be fooled by this despicable little king!”

“We know that you like Constantine, but he is a criminal…”

“We don’t agree! We are not guilty; Constantine is the guilty one! Looks at what the Byzantinians have done…”

Some of the noblemen such as the former tax officer and the former military supplies officer were standing with Sherwood before. Since the situation wasn’t in their favor, and it was too late for them to jump ships, they had to take this head-on and try to use the excuse of the honor of Zenit to stop others from executing the Imperial Martial Saint’s commands.

Their roars were somewhat effective.

The citizens of Zenit who arrived in Byzantine recently and didn’t know what had happened started to chatter and make noises.

Fei laughed out loud, and his laughter sounded like thunder and resonated in the dark sky, overpowering all other noises. After he finished, it was quiet since no one dared to challenge his prestige.

As a serious expression appeared on Fei’s face, he said slowly, “Alright, I will make sure that you shameless bugs admit guilt. I will let you know that whatever Constantine did in the past few days are my orders. Are you questioning my judgment?”

After saying that, Fei waved his hand lightly, and a few men in soldier uniforms walked close to the stage under the lead of [Son of Wind] Torres.

Seeing them, Sherwood suddenly started to shiver, and his face turned pale.

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