Chapter 766: Determination to Kill (Part One)

“Aren’t you guys dead?… How are you still alive?” Sherwood was stunned; he felt like he saw undead creatures.

“Of course you want the people who saw your despicable actions dead. You even tried to kill us by using the hands of Leonians. However, the gods are on our side! It is unfortunate for you that the gods don’t want the crimes which you guys committed to be buried. Therefore, the gods saved us, and we are alive! Now, with the Imperial Martial Saint being the judge, I want to seek justice for the brothers who were killed by you!”

Among these men, one of them who was more than two meters tall said with might as flames of anger burned in his eyes.

There was a terrifying scar on his face that had just healed recently. From it, people could tell that his face was almost split into two halves by that strike. The most fatal injury appeared beside his Adam’s apple. If that strike moved up by an inch, his throat would have been severed.

Beside him, his peers had injuries all over their bodies, and most of these injuries hadn’t healed. One of them even lost a leg and half an arm, and he was walking forward with the help of crutches.

These people were wearing the soldier uniform of Zenit, and they all had intense death energy around them as if they just crawled out of a pile of corpses.

They were low-level commanders in the Green Wind Legion, and they were guarding Green Wind City before the war. As witnesses, they saw how the Green Wind Province and Green Wind City fell into the hands of the enemies within an hour, and they watched how the spineless noblemen ditched their obligations of protecting the citizens and indirectly killed tens of thousands of elite soldiers.

In order to escape, those noblemen even forced soldiers to kill Zenitians who didn’t want them to flee, and their selfishness, foolishness, and viciousness made the soldiers of Zenit die under the blades of the Leonians one after another.

These soldiers who survived saw it all! Out of tens of thousands of soldiers, they were the only ones who survived by pretending to be dead after getting injured, and the members of the [Letter Office] discovered them and took them to the Capital of Byzantine to heal. If they weren’t discovered, they would have died due to diseases and infections.

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Today, Fei invited them to come here to uncover the lies that these dirty noblemen had been telling. This was also an opportunity to avenge the civilians and soldiers of Zenit who had died in Green Wind City due to the incompetence of these noblemen.

Under the lead of Torres, these few soldiers walked onto the stage, revealed their identities, and told the version of the story which wasn’t altered as they pointed out the incompetence and viciousness of these noblemen.

When these soldiers described how the noblemen ditched the civilians in Green Wind City and forced the tens of thousands of soldiers to protect them and flee before the enemies even got close, these soldiers who didn’t even sob when they bled and got their limbs cut off teared up and cried out loud.

Nothing was more painful to them than seeing their peers die in such useless ways, and nothing was sadder than leaving the powerless civilians to the butcher knives of the enemies!

The words filled with sadness came out of these soldiers’ mouths and clearly went to everyone’s ears through the magic amplification devices on the stage. Everyone heard them, and their hearts were hammered by the information that was spilled.

All the crimes were committed by these noblemen who enjoyed all the privileges. They wore fancy clothes, ate delicacies, and collected benefits from all the citizens.

In the end, the crowd stared at Sherwood and his peers with anger. These noblemen were shameless, had no sense of honor, and deserved nothing! The atmosphere in the military training ground was intense.

These noblemen’s inhumane actions angered the public to an extreme degree.

“Kill them! Hang them!”

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