Chapter 766: Determination to Kill (Part Two)

“I want to bite these b*stards to death! They are the criminals of the Empire! God! Do they still have morals?

“God! How can there be people so vicious and so cruel in this world?”

“Kill them! Kill them all!”

As soon as those soldiers finished telling their stories, roars sounded in the area. The angry citizens of Zenit and soldiers of Byzantine squeezed forward, wanting to tear those guilty noblemen into pieces.

Those noblemen who looked down at civilians all the time realized that the people whom they viewed as dirty slaves were capable of such power! This was the first time that they discovered this, and it seemed like they wouldn’t get to feel this way again.

The people who were cheering on Sherwood and the other noblemen felt desperate and sensed that their dooms were near. Some of them shut their mouths and hid into the crowd, some people rolled their eyes and joined the angry crowd, and some of them tried to sneak away ashen-faced.

However, none of them were able to get away.

Those people who tried to create chaos on purpose and accused Constantine and the Byzantine Kingdom were noticed by the bylaw enforcement officers of Chambord, and they were all pulled out. In the end, before the bylaw enforcement officers of Chambord could get close, the angry crowd identified those who were on the other side and kicked them out.

“Execute!” Fei ordered without mercy.

These spies and ill-intentioned people weren’t spared, and their heads rolled on the ground after the executioners of Byzantine raised their blades and chopped down.

Blood was spilled.

It wasn’t that Fei was too cruel.

Right now, the Empire was in a dangerous situation. As the only resistance in the southern region of Zenit, the Byzantine Kingdom was the only kingdom able to construct their army. However, many refugees and defeated soldiers had rushed into the Capital of Byzantine, and there were probably all kinds of ill-intentioned characters hiding among them. If Fei weren’t able to stun them and deter them from doing anything bad, perhaps the Byzantine Kingdom would fall into chaos and internal battles after he leaves for his journey.

Fei was already determined to clear all the obstacles in the way of the young king of Byzantine and help the latter establish the unchallengeable authority. Even if Fei had to kill a lot of ill-intentioned people this once, he was willing to do so.

Just as Sherwood and other noblemen said, this kingdom had to have a clear structure and centralize all the power. This resistance force in the southern region of Zenit could only survive under the attacks of the enemies only if one man was in charge.

In an instant, hundreds of heads rolled on the ground, and headless corpses were piled into mountains. Blood formed rivers, and the smell of blood permeated the air.

This wasn’t over.

Soon, thousands of people were captured by the bylaw enforcement officers of Chambord and the warriors of Byzantine, and they were escorted to the military training group.

These were all the targets that were confirmed by the [Letter Office]. There were enemy spies, ill-intentioned people who were bribed by Sherwood and his peers, bandits who killed innocent civilians, and criminals who had multiple convictions. None of them were pardoned, and they had had the same fate as the people who were executed earlier.

The headless corpses that had heated blood flowing out of them made a mountain, and the heads were piled into the peak!

It was an indescribable and stunning scene, and everyone sensed the Imperial Martial Saint’s anger and determination.

From this, people also felt the overbearing presence of the Byzantinians and their determination to fight the invaders and protect the civilians of the Empire!

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