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Hail the King Chapter 767.1

Chapter 767: Sailing (Part One)

In the end, only about a dozen noblemen were still tied on the stage, including Sherwood and his peers.

After seeing this bloody and cruel scene, these big noblemen who only knew about fighting for power and creating conspiracies were terrified. Berezov and Goulet fainted due to fear, and General Vincent who was the former commander of the Green Wind Legion and should be brave defecated all over himself. It was hard to believe how such a timid and spineless character became the legion commander of the Green Wind Legion which guarded the important military city, Green Wind City!

Splash! After a few buckets of ice water were dumped onto their bodies, all the noblemen screamed on top of their lungs and woke up.

Some of them cried and begged for mercy, pushing the blames onto others.

Some of them were so terrified that they couldn’t even get a word out.

Only their leader, Sherwood, was doing better. Like an ape that had a stick in its butt, Sherwood screamed, “No! You can’t kill me! Even if you are the Imperial Martial Saint, you can’t kill nobles who are canonized by the Royal Family of Zenit! You guys can judge me and put me on trial, but only Emperor Yassin could issue the execution order for nobles… You are stepping over the line! King of Chambord! You are stepping over the line! You will be punished!”

According to the laws of Zenit, the Imperial Martial Saint didn’t have the power to execute nobles of Zenit.

In fact, the Imperial Martial Saint didn’t even have the authority to get involved with regional politics or the military. Only the Royal Family and Imperial Military Headquarters had that power, so noblemen like Sherwood should be sent to St. Petersburg to face trial. Although what Fei did tonight was just and made people feel thrilled, he was stepping over the line according to the laws, and he would be interrogated by the Royal Family and the Imperial Knight Palace!

This was Sherwood’s last bet.

If he could survive today, there was a chance that he could escape from all of this. Even if all the evidence were against him, he could try to use his network to influence the verdict. While he might not be able to keep his noble title, he wouldn’t be executed. After a few years, the effect of what he did in this war will have disappeared, and he might get the chance to come back into the power circle.

However, Fei responded to Sherwood’s accusation.

“If I don’t kill you, the soldiers couldn’t protect the southern region of Zenit, the souls of the heroes who died for the Empire couldn’t rest in peace, and the bugs like you couldn’t be warned enough! Therefore, you have to die tonight!” Fei emphasized each word, and his murderous spirit wiped away all of Sherwood’s hopes and made him desperate.

“Execute! If anyone disagrees with my decision today, they can come and find me!” Fei glanced at the angry civilians and soldiers who looked at him with expectation in their eyes, and he stated clearly as he issued the execution order.

The executioners of Byzantine pushed those noblemen onto the execution stand and raised their blades.

At this moment, King Constantine of Byzantine suddenly walked onto the execution stand, grabbed a knife from the hand of an executioner, and killed these noblemen who were either struggling, begging, or had fainted already; he decapitated them one by one!

Cheers sounded on the military training ground instantly.

This was something that the people wanted to see after hearing those horror stories.

“From now on, anyone who dares to cause trouble in the southern region, create internal conflicts, and fight for power in an ill manner will get the same treatment! Even if I’m not here, the same rule stands!”

Fei’s words resonated in the dark sky, as well as everyone’s mind.

Since the inception of the Zenit Empire, noblemen had never been killed like this. Out of the top three noble massacres, the incident at Dual-Flags City and this incident here were both on the list.

From this moment on, Fei also got another secret nickname in Zenit – [Noble Killer].

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