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Hail the King Chapter 767.2

Chapter 767: Sailing (Part Two)

-The second day-

The sky was blue, and no clouds could be seen; it looked like a giant blue crystal was inlaid in the sky.

Just seeing this sky alone was enough to make people feel calm and peaceful. The waves on the ocean were mild as the breeze blew by, and they reflected the sunlight.

Also, the breeze blew over the moist and salty taste of the sea, and it was something rare for the people who hadn’t traveled on the ocean before.

There was a mid-sized battleship of Leon traveling forward on the calm sea surface, and its black sails were raised.

About five hours ago in the morning, Fei and the students of Chambord’s Civil and Military University got on this battleship of Leon which was captured after the battle, and they left the harbor of the Capital of Byzantine quietly.

The news about Fei’s departure was confidential, and only a few people including King Constantine knew about it.

When it was noon, the battleship was already far into the sea. After glancing around, Fei discovered that he could only see the ocean, and no islands could be seen.

Right now, there were only a few giant birds that Fei didn’t know the name of flying in the sky.

[King Alexander] left for Chambord last night. Right now, there were only a few people around Fei. Except for nine students, Torres, and Husky, all other bylaw enforcement officers and saint seiyas left on [King Alexander].

Fei picked a mid-sized Leonian battleship for this journey.

After this ship was quickly fixed, the king picked 40 strong sailors out of the captives of Leon to control the battleship, and he also took that young nobleman named Ryan Knight who survived last night’s massacre and King Buckingham of Leon.

The ship still had the flags and symbols of Leon, and it moved toward the Leon Empire under the guide of Buckingham.

By noon, the ship had already left [Storm Point Bay].

[Sea of Fragrance] was an inland sea on the Azeroth Continent; it could be more accurately described as a lake. Most of the water was inside the Azeroth Continent with a few rivers leading to the sea outside the Continent. However, since its size was huge, was filled with salt water, and was rumored to be the home of the Sea Tribe, people got used to referring to it as a sea.

There were the unique seaweeds named Fragrant Seaweed in this body of water, and these seaweeds emitted a fragrant smell. After each winter, the seaweed would grow quickly due to warm weather, and the entire sea would smell nice. That was where this sea got its name.

If magic cruising array weren’t activated, it would take about two months to get from the [Storm Point Bay] to the northern coastline of the Leon Empire. Of course, with the magic cruising array active, it would only take five to six days.

In the beginning, the king and the students loved the sceneries, and they stayed on the deck and enjoyed what they were seeing.

Some of the students even changed into the swimsuits that were designed by the king when he was bored, and they jumped into the ocean and swam with the fishes, having a lot of fun.

After looking at the ocean for a long time, Fei got a little bored.

In the afternoon, Fei went into the cabin alone.

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Diablo World, Hell Mode.

In a faraway land named [Lut Gholein], there was a place called Valley of the Snakes.

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  1. tim müller

    The Autor is stubid
    500.000km Zenit – Leon Ship = with Magic 10.000km/day ( 50 Days with magic!)
    5 days is wrong
    the autor is very stubid with distances!

    • MyGrandpa69

      Ikr, plus with a continent that is so retardedly big, he makes the mc suprised that empires can have so many soldiers etc. in those previous chaps. Just 500,000 km around Zenit is already larger than earth. Like, and he’s suprised they have such big populations? Im suprised honestly at how few soldiers zenit has with its size, though i suppose it has a less dense population than modern earth does…

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