Chapter 768: Increase in Strength (Part One)

Under the hot Sun, Fei and Elena appeared on top of a half-broken god statue in the desert. This god statue was at least 100 meters tall, and no one knew when it was made. It looked ancient and was cracked, and two-thirds of its body was covered up by the yellow sand. Only a portion of its upper body was exposed, and only half of its face was still intact.

Fei created a simple shed to block out the sunshine and looked ahead. In his vision, there was a magnificent and gigantic stone gate.

It was made from brown rocks, and this gate was half-inlaid into this cliff wall. All kinds of non-human statues were situated around the gate, and various ancient images and mystic symbols were engraved onto the cliff wall.

Looking from afar, it seemed like this giant gate was the mouth of a massive beast, and it devoured the heated sunlight; only darkness could be seen inside of it.

This place was the destination of Fei’s current trip, [Claw Viper Temple].

In the last while, Fei had completed all the quests in the first map, [Rogue Encampment], and he ventured into the second map, [Lut Gholein], which was like the pearl in the desert.

He had killed the monster named Radament and completed the first quest, [Radament’s Lair].

Right now, only one last step was required to finish the second quest, [The Horadric Staff].

Today, Fei was planning to enter the [Claw Viper Temple] and kill the boss, Fangskin, in order to get the Horadric Amulet. Along with the other components that Fei already obtained, it could be made into the complete Horadric Staff. Also, the third quest, [The Tainted Sun], would be completed with the death of Fangskin and the destruction of the altar that this monster was guarding, and Fei would be able to go directly to the fourth quest.

After killing the monsters that charged at them from the valley, Fei and Elena quickly approached the stone gate.

Fei had to admit that after the elevation in difficulties, Hell Mode was a lot more terrifying than other modes.

While he walked in the wilderness, any random monster that Fei encountered was on the level of Sun-Class. Since Fei couldn’t use his Sun Anomaly in Diablo World, he could only battle the monsters head-on.

In addition, it wasn’t just the increase in strength for these monsters.

Fei discovered that in Hell Mode, the entire Diablo World became a real living hell. All the monsters, including the lowest-leveled ones, had impressive combat intelligence. They could identify the power level of their enemies, and they knew how to escape, battle in groups, control the tempo, and even lure their enemies into the traps.

Fei felt like these monsters had their own souls and intelligence, becoming very dangerous and scary.

This was why Fei’s progression and level-up speed decreased by a lot since he entered Diablo World in Hell Mode.

He had to spend close to a month and a half on passing [Rogue Encampment], and the first two quests in [Lut Gholein] took Fei close to 20 days.

During the process of slaying monsters, Fei started to sense the huge pressure which wasn’t there before. Especially when he faced bosses like Andariel, he no longer had the advantage of intelligence and combat instinct which existed in Normal Mode and Nightmare Mode.

This time, Fei consumed many potions and battled for more than a dozen hours. He was barely able to kill Andariel who already had intelligence. By the time that he won the battle, he was severely injured and almost got the chance to experience death in Diablo World for the first time.

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