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Hail the King Chapter 768.2

Chapter 768: Increase in Strength (Part Two)

What disappointed Fei was that even though he killed many monsters and leveled up, he didn’t find the other components of the [Immortal King] item set. It seemed like his luck was all used up.

In Hell Mode, dangers were everywhere. If Fei weren’t careful, he might die for real. After all, the painful sensations that he felt when he was injured was no joke.

Since Fei wasn’t sure if he could be revived just like the game in his previous life, he had to pay a lot of attention and treat each quest seriously.

The [Claw Viper Temple] was known for the potential dangers in the second map, so Fei only came here with Valkyrie Elena after getting well prepared.

“According to Cain’s theory, the temple is divided into two levels. The first level is easier to pass, but the second level is filled with danger. Once we go in, don’t rush around, alright? Even if we must spend more time on it, that is fine. Safety first, ok?” Fei reminded his Valkyrie wife as he summoned his armor. Then, he stepped into the stone gate and walked into the darkness.

After the wedding, the king realized that he started to become naggy. Of course, one reason was that the Valkyrie somehow became more direct and fearless recently while she and Fei completed quests. When facing monsters, she never backed off and battled until the very last moment. Her new direct battle style did increase their speed, but it also made her sustain more injuries. Therefore, whenever Elena battled, Fei felt like he was more nervous, and his heart would race.

The [Claw Viper Temple] was a terrifying place; it didn’t get its name from nowhere.

Fei and Elena spent more than four hours on clearing the first level. When they discovered the pathway to the second level, all the potions that they had on them were depleted, and they had to pause their progress and go back to [Lut Gholein] using the [Town Portal Scroll] to replenish their supplies.

After they returned to the [Claw Viper Temple] and got to the second level, they had to spend more than four hours again.

Just before the daily gaming limit was met, they paid a hefty price and were finally able to kill the boss, Fangskin, and clear all the monsters on the second level.

Fei was covered in blood, and one of his arms almost got chopped off; all kinds of injuries were visible on his body. Elena’s abdomen was pierced by an arrow, and she was severely injured as well.

What disappointed Fei was that he still didn’t get any top-tier items.

However, his barbarian character leveled up, reaching Hell Mode level 22. Also, Elena got enough experience points and reached Hell Mode level 13.

With the increase in levels, two golden light beams shot down from the sky and enveloped them. The injuries on their bodies were quickly healed, and their stamina got replenished. Therefore, they didn’t suffer too much damage overall in this battle.

After quickly cleaning the battlefield, Fei found the Horadric Amulet which was on the Claw Viper Altar, and he completed the second quest, [The Horadric Staff].

Since he also killed the boss, Fangskin, during the process, he also completed the third quest, [The Tainted Sun].

Killing two birds with one stone! Fei’s quest progression was pushed forward quickly!

After all that, the daily gaming limit was met.

Fei asked Elena about the recent situation back at the Chambord Kingdom, and he learned that the renovation project was coming along well, and the Ormondians weren’t back for the revenge.

After spending some intimate time with the Valkyrie, Fei left Diablo World.

When Fei walked out of the cabin, it was already the evening.

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    Thanks for the chapter, is he only going to working on barbarian character? Fei needs to start workkwo on other characters or his abilities is pointless

    • belkak210

      The problem is that if he levels the author characters he doesn’t get a direct increase of strength just a lot more versatility. Although that’s great, he doesn’t have the time to improve on that regard atm

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