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Hail the King Chapter 769.1

Chapter 769: Deep-Sea Giant Beast (Part One)

The weather was nice, and the battleship didn’t encounter any storms or turbulence yet.

Right now, the nightly breeze was lightly blowing against the ship, and the bright Moon was hanging in the sky, spreading the moonlight onto the land and the ocean.

The temperature was lower in the evening, but Fei didn’t mind it since he was a mighty warrior.

Some fishes that Fei didn’t know the name of would jump out of the water randomly, and birds chirped and flew by while their white wings made it look like bolts of white lightning were flashing in the night.

The nightly breeze contained a lot of water elements, and it was warm and moist, making people feel very comfortable.

Seeing Fei walking out, Torres who was practicing archery on the deck quickly walked over and reported what happened during the day to the king.

Since the sailors who were operating the battleship were captured Leonians, and the guide was the bigger captive Buckingham, the Chambordians couldn’t lower their guards.

Therefore, when Fei was training in his own room, Torres oversaw everything with help from the nine university students. Fei’s other guard, Husky, was in charge of looking after the kitchen, the food, and the workers there.

This was the first day on the sea, and the ship didn’t activate its magic cruising array under the king’s command. Therefore, the speed was low. Except for running into a few merchant ships, nothing unexpected happened.

The captives of Leon were quite obedient, and King Buckingham also put away his stubborn and incorporative attitude. With this experienced commander of the navy of Leon guiding the way, the battleship moved forward smoothly and didn’t run into any issues.

In the evening, Fei and the students enjoyed a nice dinner of barbecued fish on the deck while looking at the barely visible scenery around them.

Quickly, the night passed.

The morning of the second day still had great weather. The sky was clear with no clouds, presenting a great image. Also, there didn’t seem to be wind. This battleship that was named [Brilliance] finally activated the magic cruising array, and it started to accelerate and travel at high speed.

Except for instructing and teaching the students in the morning, Fei locked himself inside his room for most of the day.

In Diablo World, Fei received the fourth and fifth quests at [Lut Gholein], which were [The Arcane Sanctuary] and [The Summoner] respectively.

The king of [Lut Gholein] trusted an evil person, and that made his royal palace fall into the wrong hands. In the end, his warriors were only able to save the city that was above the ground.

Fei was asked to enter the [Arcane Sanctuary] which was deep inside the palace, clear all the monsters, kill the Summoner who summoned all these monsters, and find Horazon’s Journal which contained the information on defeating the lords in hell.

Fei had been to the [Arcane Sanctuary] twice already, once in Normal Mode and once in Nightmare Mode. However, he still didn’t dare to be careless and thus moved forward slowly.

The [Arcane Sanctuary] was a maze-like complex structure that looked like it was built in the void, and it was a mystical place. The complicated corridors and the tunnels flowed in the void, and they intertwined with each other. There were corridors in every direction, and the white stone pathways and the black void formed a sharp contrast. The screams and howls of the demons made this strange space seem more silent when it was quiet, and the monsters and demons rushed at Fei from all directions including the void. There were a lot of them, and their powers were shocking.

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