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Hail the King Chapter 769.2

Chapter 769: Deep-Sea Giant Beast (Part Two)

The maze-like structure and the seemingly uncountable monsters made the king progress forward very slowly.

After spending an entire day’s gaming time on it, Fei and Elena still weren’t able to clear all the monsters in the [Arcane Sanctuary]. When they left at the end of the day, they only leveled up once, and they barely explored one-third of the map.

Another day passed.

Under the boost of the magic cruising array, [Brilliance] had already traveled more than tens of thousands of kilometers on the sea.

It was still another peaceful day, and the captives of Leon were obedient and didn’t resist. It seemed like they were also trying to get back to their empire quickly, and they operated the battleship with full force. Since the beginning of the journey, [Brilliance] didn’t encounter any issues.

When the night arrived, everything in the world got painted the color silver under the moonlight, and the surface of the ocean was really reflective like a mirror.

Fei stood on the deck of the ship and looked ahead, thinking about how he should initiate his plan once he got to the Leon Empire.

Suddenly, more than a dozen giant black shadows appeared several kilometers away underneath the ocean and stuck their heads out, breaking the calm surface. Cold blue lights flashed in their eyes as they looked in the direction of the ship, and then they quickly disappeared into the ocean.

“Water beasts? Demon Beasts?” Fei suddenly thought about something, and the sharp instinct of a barbarian told him that something strange was going on underneath the ocean.

Although these two days on the ocean was peaceful and smooth, Fei sensed some strangeness that was hard to discover. The king was sure that something would happen soon.

Those strange marine creatures didn’t appear again that night.

When the Sun appeared on the horizon, Fei went back into the cabin from the deck and entered Diablo World to kill more monsters. He was trying to get stronger before he got to the Leon Empire so that his plan’s success rate would increase a bit more.

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-Eight hours later-

Fei’s level increased, and he was now a Hell Mode level 24 Barbarian, and Elena got to Hell Mode level 15.

They had explored almost all the [Arcane Sanctuary], and only one-tenth of the area was still left. Even though they were still far away from the end of this place, they already sensed the fluctuations of that mysterious summoning power; it was coming from that evil summoner who turned the city of [Lut Gholein] into the living hell for humans and the paradise for monsters.

Fei used his spirit energy to sense this energy fluctuation a little, and he felt like this summoner was around low-tier Rising Sun Realm, which was more powerful than him at the moment.

Also, since today’s daily gaming limit was almost up, Fei thought about it and decided to battle the Summoner next time.

After leaving Diablo World, Fei wanted to go onto the deck to relax a bit. However, as soon as he left the cabin, he heard a series of gasps, shouts, and screams coming from the captives of Leon.

Then, the battleship shook heavily as if it hit a reef.

Fei’s face changed color, and he dashed and appeared on the deck.

“Sea beast! This is a deep-sea giant beast! Damn it! We ran into a terrifying deep-sea giant beast!” a captive of Leon screamed on top of his lungs as his face paled. He was naked on top, and he wanted to hide under the deck as he tried his best to get away. However, a red tentacle which was more than one meter thick in cross-sectional diameter dashed through the surface of the ocean and coiled around this man’s waist, pulling him down into the ocean!

“NO… Ah, save me! Save me!” that sailor screamed in desperation.

The other sailors were terrified now, and other tentacles were appearing around the ship and pulling people down into the sea. Several sailors were thrown into the air, and it was chaotic on the deck.

Right now, the sailors all wanted to run away and save themselves, having no time to rescue others.

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