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Hail the King Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Teleport Portal in Real Life

Cech and Brook were about to go crazy; both of them stared at Fei with “resentment”. At this moment, they finally knew that they had been pranked by the young king and everything was a friendly joke.

Brook drank the other bottle of 【Hulk Potion】 in excitement.

In his prior experiments, Fei had tried the potion on animals like chickens, pigs and cows, as well as on a few heinous prisoners on death row. He had accumulated a good understanding regarding the effects, dosage, side-effects and long term effects. After experiencing the indescribable pain, Brook gained a huge boost in strength. His physical strength was enough to take on a two star warrior. The energy channels in his body had also expanded. This had a more significant long term effect; it meant that Brook who was average in terms of energy training had suddenly become a genius at it.

To maximize the efficiency of the 【Hulk Potion】, one would need to train. Therefore, the remaining potion was still stored in their bodies. When looking at them closely, the greenness on Brook’s and Cech’s skin could still be seen. They looked at each other and laughed.

The king’s action of continuously taking out such potions with ridiculous effects had shocked both Brook and Cech. If this information leaked out, many people would fight and start a war to get their hands on the potion. They now knew why the King talked to them in private; except for Fei’s personal guard Fernando-Torres, all the other guards had been dismissed.

“【Hulk Potion】’s effect is astonishing, but it doesn’t accumulate, so it only works once. The effect will be minimal if you guys take it again. However, you guys shouldn’t relax on your training…… I do have some extra potions on hand, but there aren’t a lot. They’re all for the improvement of Chambord’s overall strength. You two are the ones that I trust the most, as well as ones who took the 【Hulk Potions】 first. Remember, this matter must be kept confidential and can never be exposed. For the reason of your increase in strength, think of ways to explain it yourselves…… We have to be very careful on this matter. You guys know exactly why we must be.”

After their excitement, Fei returned onto his dual lion statue-clustered throne on the stairs and suddenly switched back to Paladin Mode. The holy and majestic temperament of a level 12 Paladin instantly filled the hall; the majestic sensation surged in the hall like tides. At this time, Fei had restored the King’s superior prestige, controlling everything like an inviolable god.

After hearing Fei’s words, Brook and Cech finally knew that they were the first ones that touched the 【Hulk Potion】. Their hearts were filled with gratitude; they felt their blood boiling. Both of them kneeled down and said in unison, “Rest assured, Your Majesty! No one will know about this!”

Fei nodded in satisfaction.

He suddenly opened his hand and another bottle of 【Hulk Potion】 appeared in his palms. He pushed it out and the level 12 Paladin’s aura wrapped around the potion and slowly flew into Brook’s hand.

Fei continued, “When you get back, immediately choose two hundred loyal soldiers with clean backgrounds. Then, dilute this bottle of 【Hulk Potion】 into four barrels of clean water and feed it to the two hundred soldiers in the next three days. This way, although they won’t receive the same benefit that you two received, it will still be a good boost in the soldiers’ strength and physique. Remember, these two hundred soldiers will be the elite force that participates in the Zenit Imperial Military Exercise. We couldn’t afford any kind of carelessness. They must be carefully selected; loyalty comes first, and ability comes second. It would be the best if all of them were born in Chambord……Brook, after you finish that, hand these soldiers over to Commander Cech and let him train and direct them. I want the two of you to build an invincible iron force for Chambord in the next six months. Can you two accomplish it?”

“Yes, Your Majesty. There’s absolutely no problem!”

Brook held onto the potion tightly as if he was holding the key to a peerless treasure. He said with full confidence, “With the help of this 【Hulk Potion】 that can compare to epic potions, we can absolutely construct an elite force of terrifying strength. Our chances of winning in the Military Exercise half a year from now will increase by a lot.”

Even Cech who was taciturn nodded excitedly and said, “Your Majesty, Peter-Cech guarantees to build you an invincible iron force in less than six months!”

Fei nodded.

He wasn’t concerned about accidents that might occur when using 【Hulk Potion】. Before when he was testing the 【Hulk Potion】, he discovered a satisfying phenomenon – regardless of whether it was a human or an animal, after taking the full potion and enduring a few minutes of severe pain worse than death, the test subjects all had a huge boost in strength and instinctively developed a heartfelt dependency towards Fei, which made them become more loyal towards him. It was like the emotions that kids had toward their parents. After some deep thinking, Fei believed that this phenomenon was caused by the weak spiritual energy in the potion. When every 【Hulk Potion】 was created, they all contained some weak spiritual energy in them, as if they had lives and had some intimacy towards Fei, like a newborn lingering onto its mother. It seemed like that weak spiritual energy quietly affected the user of the potions’ soul and increased their loyalty towards Fei.

The incident of 【Hulk Potion】 had come to an end. In the next ten minutes, Fei and Brook chatted about the restriction of Chambord’s military. Fei wasn’t some kind of military genius, so he only briefly outlined some main principles from his memories and knowledge from Earth. However, it deeply inspired Brook. During the chat, Cech also gave some great recommendations. Fei realized that this First Commander of the King’s Guards was also quite talented in military affairs. During the chat, Brook happily recorded three full animal skins worth of notes. After seeing that it was getting late, Brook and Cech got up and bowed as they left the palace.

Finally, only Fei and his personal guard Fernando-Torres were left in the hall.

After he felt the shiny eyes staring at his back, Fei turned around and saw Torres staring at him eagerly. Fei knew what he was thinking and directly asked, “Fernando, do you also want a bottle of 【Hulk Potion】 to increase your strength?”

Torres hesitated a little; he knew that the potion was extremely valuable and limited. However, he wasn’t able to resist the temptation of power and kneeled down as he answered honestly, “Your Majesty, it’s my greatest honour to be able to follow you. I want to fight for Your Majesty, but I’m too weak; I even have a hard time holding up a sword…… Therefore, I beg Your Majesty to grant me a bottle of 【Hulk Potion】.”

“One of the 【Hulk Potion】 is yours, but I can’t give it to you right now……” Fei gestured Torres to stand up as he continued, “The effect of this potion is significant, but the potion itself is extremely brutal. An ordinary person is not able to endure the unbearable pain during the body transformation process. If you pass out, it would damage your body severely. Both Mr. Brook and Mr.  Cech are strong warriors that have fought numerous battles, and they have the basic strength and mental toughness to handle the painful process and successfully benefit from the potion. You on the other hand are still too weak and can’t bear the brutal impact of the potion. If I give you the potion now, it would be a disservice……If you want to quickly reach the minimum requirement to take the potion, go find Pierce and Drogba. Train with them according to the method that I gave them. Once your body becomes strong enough, I will give you the potion.”

After hearing Fei’s explanation, the expression on Torres’ face turned from the initial disappointment to hopefulness. He clutched his fists excitedly and said, “Thank you, Your Majesty. I will go find Mr. Pierce right now……”

After he said that, the blonde boy turned around and rushed out of the hall.

Fei looked at the boy’s back and laughed quietly.

After his observations for the last couple of days, the blonde boy Fernando-Torres had great potential. He was clever, thoughtful, brave and honest; he had all the necessary qualities of a true warrior. He also grew up in Chambord and was loyal to the kingdom. He looked up to Fei as an idol and worshiped Fei as a god. Fei had no reason to not promote this young man.

The only thing holding him back was that Torres was still too young, so Fei wanted to sharpen him a little bit more first.

However, the brutal damage of the potion that Fei was talking about was true; he didn’t exaggerate in the slightest. In his prior experiments, there were a total of eighteen sheep, thirty-three pigs, and numerous little animals such as chicken, ducks, and geese that had died from the potion. Even most of the heinous prisoners Oleg brought to Fei who were on death row died during the process of the body transformation. This was the dark side of the potion.

Fei sat in the hall for a little bit longer and thought through everything that had happened and made sure that nothing was left out. He exhaled slowly as he switched to Barbarian Mode. After looking around and making sure that no one was around, he stared at the open space in front of him and inexplicably whispered, “ Elena…… You can come out now!”

As soon as he finished, a slight buzzing noise sounded.

A small blue flash of brilliance appeared in the mid-air that grew larger and larger. Soon, it formed a huge blue oval shaped “door”. It gradually stabilized itself as blue light circulated on its surface. It was actually a portal from the Diablo World! Then, a beautiful figure slowly emerged through the portal and appeared in the King’s Palace.


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