Chapter 770: Mysterious Power (Part One)

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Fei flipped his fingers and shot out many golden sword energies, and the sword energies dashed forward and cut through all those tentacles. Then, the king waved his hands and pulled back those sailors who were already dragged out of the ship.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

At the same time, dashes of green lights shot down into the sea from the mainsail, looking like missiles. With these green light beams dashing into the water, more than a dozen deep holes appeared in the ocean, each having a diameter of about one meter.

In the next moment, a series of whines and groans sounded underwater.

The surface of the ocean that was relatively calm suddenly became violent. Huge waves appeared as if terrifying beasts were struggling and stirring the water from underneath. Then, gushes of dark-red waves rolled onto the surface, dyeing the water within one square kilometer red.

The most important captive on [Brilliance], Buckingham, appeared on the deck, and he shouted and commanded the sailors who were running around and escaping.

With Buckingham’s appearance, the sailors went back to their original positions and controlled [Brilliance] to the best of their abilities. Gradually, the battleship that was shaking and moving disorderly due to the rolling waves stabilized itself.

At this moment, the violent sea also calmed down, and the giant waves died down.

The corpses of six deep-sea giant beasts floated onto the surface of the water.

These corpses were each more than 100 meters long, almost catching up to the size of [Brilliance]. Their skin that had a red glow to it was covered by a thick liquid, making them look like giant octopuses. Each of these beasts had an enormous mouth which had many layers of teeth, and they each had 16 tentacles that were more than 100 meters along. These tentacles were the things that almost pulled the sailors into the ocean.

These deep-sea giant beasts were the ship killer in the ocean; numerous people die at sea because of them.

Unfortunately for them, they ran into Fei and these Chambordians who were ‘vicious beasts’ from the land.

In the end, they were all killed by [Son of Wind] Torres’ impressive strength and shocking archery skills.

Torres jumped onto one giant corpse and carefully observed for a while. Suddenly, he gasped as if he discovered something, and he jumped back onto the ship and reported to Fei, “These giant beasts don’t have any magic energies or warrior energies; they can’t be counted as demon beasts. They only possess terrifying physical strength due to their large sizes. However, I found these on them…”

As he said that, Torres waved his hands and showed the things that he got from the corpses.

They looked like big pieces of bronze armor. Due to their long time in the water, some aquatic organisms were living on them such as little seaweeds. After wiping them clean, the simple patterns and marks on these bronze plates indicated that they were uniquely forged, and the back hooks on them were probably used to inlay these metal plates onto the beasts.

“Are these sea creatures controlled and bred by someone?” Fei was very surprised as he thought, “Who could have the ability to raise such giant beasts?”

Although this guess was too wild, the bronze plates in Torres’ hands proved everything.

Fei jumped onto the floating corpses with the nine students including Louise, Pato, and Brand. After observing, they noticed that there were at least 30 to 40 bronze plates on each deep-sea giant beast, and the bronze plates covered the vital points on them except for their tentacles. These bronze plates were arranged in such a way that it was impossible for these bronze plates to grow out of these sea creatures’ bodies naturally.

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