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Hail the King Chapter 770.2

Chapter 770: Mysterious Power (Part Two)

“These aren’t ordinary bronze material. They are made from Seahorse Bronze, and they could only be found in the depths of the sea.” Out of the nine university students, a young man who had dark skin and short black hair observed more carefully and reported to Fei.

His name was Oscar, and he was a unique student in the university.

Oscar didn’t like warrior energy or magic energy. Instead, he was more interested in alchemy and all other strange fields. In Chambord’s Civil and Military University, he took metal smelting and magic derivative courses which were two classes that weren’t popular at all. However, he was extremely talented in these fields, and he was well-liked by people such as Akara, Cain, and Charsi. He could be considered as a little mad scientist himself.

“This kind of Seahorse Bronze could only be found in the deep sea, and ordinary people aren’t able to go that deep. Also, it is heard that only the fire in the sea could melt the Seahorse Bronze. The regular flames on land could barely change its property.”

Since he could finally get the chance to show off his knowledge in front of the king, Oscar was no longer adult-like and told Fei everything that he knew in excitement.

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Oscar collected more than a dozen intact metal plates made from Seahorse Bronze, and he wanted to run some experiments on them. Also, he wanted to study the patterns on them, and he felt like he could get more information.

After stopping for about an hour, [Brilliance] continued moving forward slowly.

However, a sudden storm appeared in the middle of the night. The dark clouds were low in the sky, pressing onto the ocean. It was dark; only the silver lightning bolts that were flashing in the sky lit up the area momentarily. Except for that, it was pitch-black everywhere. In the end, the rain was falling from the sky in waves as if the sky were collapsing.

[Brilliance] was finally challenged by the power of nature.

This time, the No.1 Captive, King Buckingham of Leon, stepped up. As one of the key commanders of Leon’s navy, he was very used to this situation. He issued orders to the other captives and made them control the ship safely.

They were only able to endure through this storm when lights appeared on the horizon.

However, there were still casualties.

Six sailors were taken by the enormous waves, disappearing altogether. Although Torres saved another ten sailors in time, they knocked into stairs and other things, losing their ability to work temporarily. Therefore, they had to rest in the cabin.

The Chambordians who were used to living on land experienced the power of the ocean for the first time.

After one night’s turbulence, they were all feeling dizzy. Although they were powerful, they had thrown up many times. In the end, they had to lie in their beds and rest.

Only Oscar was able to somehow endure through this. While his classmates were throwing up at the edge of the deck, he was studying the Seahorse Bronze with interest as if nothing were happening to him.

Unexpectedly, [Brilliance] was attacked by the deep-sea giant beasts again at noon.

This time, more than 20 beasts came and attacked together, almost flipping [Brilliance] upside-down. If Fei didn’t suddenly unleash his power and kill more than a dozen deep-sea giant beasts, the people on the ship could only swim toward the Leon Empire.

This sudden attack made it clear that it wasn’t a coincidence.

[Brilliance] was being targeted by a mysterious force in the ocean.

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