Chapter 771: The Sea Tribe (Part One)

Just as expected, all kinds of situations occurred in the next day.

[Brilliance] was attacked by various sea creatures again and again. As if [Brilliance] were a piece of meat and these sea creatures were hungry wolves, these strange-looking yet powerful creatures couldn’t wait to cause trouble. Amongst them, there were giant fish that could create huge waves with their tails, deep-sea giant beasts that had many tentacles, giant turtles that were hundreds of meters long, small metallic fish that could dash out of the water like arrows…

In the end, water-elemental demon beasts that could control the water elements appeared.

They had basic intelligence, and they were able to communicate with each other and act like a well-trained troop. Some of them spat out ice blocks, some of them created giant waves, and some of them summoned wind and rain.

The water elements were abundant on the sea. Even level 3 and level 4 water-elemental spells had the power of level 5 and level 6 spells in the hands of these beasts. It was quite terrifying.

A few times, [Brilliance] almost got flipped over.

Of course, almost all the sea creatures and demon beasts were killed.

In fact, Fei didn’t even move. With Torres and the coordination of the university students, the corpses of all kinds of the sea creatures floated on the surface of the ocean after each battle.

Some rare species were pulled onto the ship and cooked, creating some delicacies.

Also, the corpses of more strangely-shaped sea creatures were also pulled up and made into specimens.

Chambord’s Civil and Military University started new courses in these fields, and these specimens could be used right away.

However, as [Brilliance] got deeper into the sea, it faced more pressure, and the body of the ship was damaged.

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“This isn’t an ordinary force or pirates. In the sea, no one could control this many sea creatures and water-elemental demon beasts!”

After getting a moment of breath, the No.1 Captive and the cruising specialist, King Buckingham of Leon, found Fei and talked to him seriously.

“Oh? Who do you think is behind this?”

“This… perhaps it is the Sea Tribe!”

Fei fell into a moment of silence after hearing that.

“The Sea Tribe… Buckingham’s guess sounds ridiculous,” he thought.

After the Mythical Era, the term, Sea Tribe, was rarely used by people on land. As a member of the alliance that lost the great war, the Sea Tribe and the other races disappeared and were nowhere to be found.

Although some people claimed that they saw the traces of the Sea Tribe, these claims couldn’t be taken seriously. After investigations, it turned out that all these claims were stories made up by traveling poets.

However, if it weren’t the Sea Tribe, who else could command so many sea creatures and water-elemental demon beasts? Within 500,000 kilometers of Zenit, none of the empires had such ability. After all, oceans were territories that couldn’t be dominated by humans.

Although all the big empires had navies, and it was heard that they were powerful, they were far from controlling the entire oceans.

A giant yet ordinary storm in the sea was enough to sink a giant fleet, making them become the food of the sea creatures.

The fleets that were controlled by humans could only operate by the coastline. Even on the inland sea such as the [Sea of Fragrance], inexperienced sailors knew that it was equal to committing suicide to go deep into the center.

“Alright. Even if it is the Sea Tribe, what can they do?” Fei couldn’t conclude after thinking for a while, so he gave up completely. He simply ordered Buckingham to move [Brilliance] forward as fast as he could so that they could get to the Leon Empire quicker.

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