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Hail the King Chapter 771.2

Chapter 771: The Sea Tribe (Part Two)

After hearing Fei’s words, Buckingham froze for a second and didn’t know what to say.

Since they were already being targeted, it was useless to overthink when they were already so deep in.

It didn’t matter which force these sea creatures belonged to. As long as they continued to attack [Brilliance], the force behind them was going to show itself eventually. Worse come to worst, Fei would have to engage in a hard battle.

“Would I be scared of that?” The bold and fearless gene of the barbarian was acting up in Fei’s body again.

-Next day morning-

When Fei exited Hell Mode Diablo World, his expression didn’t look good.

After using the entire daily gaming time, Fei was still not able to defeat the final boss at the [Arcane Sanctuary], the evil Summoner. In the eight hours that Fei spent in Diablo World, both parties engaged in fierce fights, and they sustained heavy injuries.

According to this trend, Fei might need two more days to kill the Summoner; it was twice as long as Fei’s estimation!

“Holy f*ck! The difficulty is getting higher and higher in Diablo World!” Fei thought quickly as he walked out of the cabin. He wondered if he should stop leveling up the Barbarian Character since it wasn’t a good idea to rush through things and put time into the other six classes.

Suddenly, a series of shouts sounded.

“They are here again! Quick! Get ready!”

Buckingham’s shouts sounded on the deck, and a series of rapid footsteps sounded next as the sailors quickly got ready.

Several giant-reef-like shadows appeared about hundreds of meters away, and the seawater around these shadows boiled as if the water elements were agitated.

Those sea creatures that could never be killed off were here again!

Under the command of Buckingham, the sailors were getting used to the sudden attacks of the sea creatures. They were no longer so nervous that running away was the only option on their minds. According to the pre-arranged plans, they went into their roles and controlled the ships; the Chambordians were able to kill these sea creatures so that they didn’t need to get involved.

The battle started again.

However, these poor sea creatures ran into Fei who was in a bad mood.

Standing at the bow of the ship, the king punched out slowly but repeatedly. Even though no flashy energy flames appeared, invisible force crashed down at the sea creatures like mountains. As a series of screams sounded, more than 1,000 sea creatures were killed, and the rest of them quickly escaped. Blood dyed the blue seawater, and the broken corpses of the sea creatures were everywhere. Most of them didn’t even get to approach the ship before they were turned into pieces.

In less than ten minutes, the sea creatures that came in herds all escaped for the first time in several days.

In front of a powerful Sun-Class Lord, those fearless beasts knew fear for the first time.

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-Six kilometers away-

Several creatures that were human-like from the waist-up and fish-like from the waist-down swam in the water and stared at [Brilliance] with hatred from far away as red lights flashed in their eyes.

“This damn human! He is so powerful!”

“What should we do? Although these sea creatures are weak and insignificant, we have lost a lot of them!”

“If this continues, and we couldn’t do anything to this human, we would be in trouble once Her Highness punishes us…”

“In my opinion, our tribe just woke up from being sealed. Does Princess Her Highness want to target the humans who are dominating the land right away? Is it a little too rushed and risky?”

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  1. Draghnof

    The Druid mode of Fei is able to tame even Moon class beasts, even if these beasts are manipulated, it would have been interesting to see if Fei could control them.

    And wow, the sea tribe really don’t like humans, so 3 possibilities :

    -their 1st contact after so long was disastrous and thus they are almost in war.

    -The humans betrayed the alliance and allies the false gods instead.

    -The humans came with the false gods and replaced the ancient humans.

    So either the sea tribe is really susceptible or either humans are the biggest traitors or eternal ennemies ahah

  2. Abastika


  3. Princess. New harem?

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