Chapter 773: Desperation Situation and Questions (Part One)

Unfortunately, before the Sea Tribe attacked again, Fei still didn’t find a solution to the current issue. He could only choose to use a defensive strategy. He stood on the mainsail of [Brilliance] and released his force field. The golden energy flames enveloped the entire battleship, and the dominant force field turned all the members of the Sea Tribe that were within 100 meters of [Brilliance] into pieces, didn’t matter if they were strong or weak.

However, just as expected, powerful masters of the Sea Tribe appeared in this attack.

They were powerful and terrifying warriors.

These four warriors of the Sea Tribe had all reached peak Full Moon, and they had distinct characteristics of sharks. These shark warriors’ faces didn’t change too much from their original form, and that visual was shocking.

The four shark warriors each had a red, long trident in their hands. Every time they moved, they carried a destructive force with them. They were born as water-elemental warriors, and their control of the water reached another level. When they moved their tridents, the power of the waves was on par with Sun-Class water-elemental mages! The waves were like tsunamis!

These four warriors brought Fei a lot of pressure.

“Invincible Emperor Fist – One Strike to Kill!” Fei’s long black hair fluttered as he roared like a wild beast.

During the climax of the battle, the king unleashed the dominating power of the barbarian. Without holding back, he instantly dumped out his Sun-Class strength.

The golden energy fist which was created by the [Invincible Emperor Fist] dashed forward like a giant meteor. Then, the king punched out repeatedly, casting out many energy fists. Using the ability of fist spiritual spatial seal, Fei put some of his strength into the space around the ship, killing the members of the Sea Tribe that were rushing at the ship and creating problems for the four shark warriors.

When the battle reached its peak, the entire sea started to roar.

“Dirty human! Die!”

As ancient syllables shot of the shark warriors’ mouths, it sounded like two giant pieces of rocks were rubbing against each other, sounding vicious and fierce.

The red tridents in their hands seemed to carry demonic power. Every time they were swung, they created a series of howling noises. Then, clouds of bloody vapor would appear and spin around the tridents as if many creatures that drowned in the sea were whining, and they could mess with others’ heads, making their opponents lose their minds.

These shark warriors were merciless and tried to kill the humans on [Brilliance] right away.

If it weren’t for Fei’s protection, the other people on the ship would have lost their minds and died because of it. Even though masters like Torres could endure it, they would be severely injured in battle, and they might not be able to recover.

These iron tridents were similar to the combat weapons in the hands of those previous high-level members of the Sea Tribe that had six arms. They were all rare weapons that only the Sea Tribe possessed.

Fortunately for Fei, his experiences in Diablo World had made him get used to all kinds of methods of attacks. The monsters that use soundwaves as a method of attack were everywhere in Diablo World. Perhaps such attacks would be effective against other masters; it was not useful at all against Fei. It felt like someone was tickling his feet through a pair of shoes.

This battle lasted more than an hour.

Fei killed two shark warriors and severely injured the other two, forcing the Sea Tribe to back off again.

After this battle, the people on [Brilliance] all grew very concerned.

No wonder the Sea Tribe was rumored to almost conquer the entire Azeroth Continent. They woke up from their deep sleep for some unknown reason, and their strength hadn’t recovered completely yet. However, their warriors were already this powerful, and it seemed like they had many masters. No one knew if Sun-Class monsters would come and attack [Brilliance] in the next wave.

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