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Hail the King Chapter 773.2

Chapter 773: Desperation Situation and Questions (Part Two)

If such trend continued, how long could the King of Chambord last even though he was quite powerful?

Even Fei felt like this issue was pressing and threatening.

The warriors of the Sea Tribe were powerful, and they were born with powerful physiques just like the barbarians. Their bodies were able to handle the intense water pressure at the bottom of the sea, meaning that they were as tough as iron. Even when facing a barbarian like Fei, they weren’t too inferior. With their powerful bloodline and unique and mysterious ancient battle techniques, it was hard for anyone to fight with them on the vast ocean which was their natural habitat.

If those four shark warriors weren’t battling against Fei but another Sun-Class Lord who just advanced recently, they would have won a long time ago.

“What is going on? Why are these damn creatures so interested in [Brilliance]? Could it be that there is a godly treasure on the ship, and they must have it? Or… are they here for me?” Fei thought about it and couldn’t figure out why.

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-The next day-

[Brilliance] was severely damaged again.

Even though Fei was guarding the ship personally, he couldn’t be that effective while guarding against two Sun-Class Lords.

Since Fei had to protect the ship and couldn’t move around freely, he wasn’t able to unleash his full strength. In most cases, he was just defending against the enemies’ attacks.

However, after more than four hours, the high-level members of the Sea Tribe such as those six-armed, half-human-half-snake creatures and shark warriors finally obtained a great opportunity. Under the perfect coordination of those two Sun-Class Lords, they broke through the energy sphere created by the golden energy flames, and they destroyed [Brilliance]’s ram.

The situation was very dangerous.

At that critical moment, the entire front of the ship would have been destroyed if [Son of Wind] Torres didn’t protect it at the risk of losing his life!

As a result, most of the ship was saved, but Torres was severely injured and lost combat effectiveness.

The nine university students of Chambord were also injured. Oscar who liked alchemy and other unique fields was the weakest person among the nine students, so he was injured the most. Right now, he was lying on his bed just like Torres.

However, Buckingham and the other captives of Leon weren’t involved in the combat, so they didn’t suffer any casualties.

While no one was looking, a strange smile appeared on King Buckingham of Leon’s face.

-The next day-

[Brilliance] was in a desperate situation.

The magic cruising array on the ship still wasn’t repaired yet. The magic arrays of the Leon Empire were unique. Even though Neymar, one of the nine students, excelled in magic arrays, he wasn’t able to repair the magic array alone in one day.

The attack of the Sea Tribe was still very ferocious.

They would launch another wave of attacks every three hours, and more powerful masters would appear one after another.

Close to sunset, a member of the Sea Tribe who could rival with Fei appeared. If Fei didn’t summon [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] and used [Whirlwind], his most powerful technique, he would have lost.

That master was the most terrifying opponent that Fei had faced since he became a Sun-Class Lord.

This was a desperate situation that even Fei didn’t foresee before the journey.

Just when Fei planned for the worst-case scenario and wanted to ditch the captives of Leon before going back the way they came with the Chambordians with tails between their legs, an unexpected savior finally appeared!

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    Its good to them get challenged once for a change. I was shocked to see them break throught the barrier.

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    • Draghnof

      Salut, ils sortent 1-2 chapitres par jour sauf les weekends (en fin de mois ils sortent 2 chapitres supplémentaires par jour)

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    I finally made it after several weeks of grinding I have read the whole story thank you so much for the entertainment

  5. WHY DOESN’T HE USE HIS OTHER FCKING CLASSES? seriously, use some crowd control skills to stop your enemies as a mage, kill foes from afar with range, like damn, barbarian, barbarian, barbarian…

    • Tory

      You do realize that all his other classes are star level . He wont last a second . he knows what hes doing , your the dumbass. This comment dont even make sense like what?

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