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Hail the King Chapter 775.1

Chapter 775: Massacre on the Land (Part One)

Fortunately for masters like Fei, these poisonous bugs were nothing.

After a while of searching, Fei gave up the idea of moving forward on legs.

With a thought, huge golden sword wings appeared on his back, and he brought the three students into the sky. After passing through the trees that were 30 to 40 meters tall, they flew forward at a good pace. It looked like they were stepping on green waves, and it seemed interesting.

This forest was giant; Fei wasn’t even able to see the end of it in the sky.

As the trees swayed a little in the nightly wind, the forest looked like a green ocean that extended into the horizon.

When Fei flew up more, he finally discovered more information.

This island seemed like a giant rectangle. The Chambordians and their captives were camping near the beach that was on one edge of the rectangle, and they had no idea that this island was so big! It far exceeded people’s first impression.

With Fei’s speed, he arrived at the center of the island after half an hour.

Suddenly, something unexpected happened.

A surge of vicious and violent energy appeared in the lake inside the island that looked like a sapphire crystal which was inlaid in the green ocean.

This energy was wild and primitive, and it was filled explosiveness. It was shocking, and it was beyond the reach of humans.

Then, a series of thunderous roars sounded.

Giant visible sound waves expanded in all directions, creating huge gusts of wind. With that lake as the center, the gusts of wind blew outward, and all the trees around the lake were pushed back forcefully. Some ancient, thick trees were pulled up from the ground by the impact force of the sound wave, and even rocks were blown into the air.

“It seems like a native demon beast, and its aura is really primitive. Its strength is at least on Sun-Class Realm… Eh, since it is able to survive on this island that is desolate from the rest of the world and the effects of humans, it probably has a rare bloodline. Perhaps it survived from the Mythical Era and lived until now…”

After thinking for a bit, Fei decided to go around the territory of this mysterious demon beast.

Fei and the students dashed around the clear lake and flew forward for a bit more. Then, the trees became few and scattered, and the terrain started to become flat. Soon, a grassland appeared, and there were white stones on it, looking like stars in the sky and were beautiful decorations.

“This place is suitable for humans to live… Eh? Wait, why is there an intense smell of blood?” Fei’s expression changed abruptly.

The thick bloody smell permeated the air as if a massacre occurred not long ago. The natural elements in front of Fei were abnormally violent, and the water elements were the most active, seeming overbearing and vicious. This was the unique characteristic of the Sea Tribe. However, that smell of blood wasn’t from them but… humans.

Many people were just killed!

“This is strange. There are humans on this remote little island?” Fei thought about it and suddenly increased his speed, instantly reaching the place with the thickest smell of blood.

It was clear that the humans were shouting and screaming desperately before they were killed. At the same time, those unique roars and noises made by the members of the Sea Tribe also mixed in with the screams and resonated in the sky.

However, the massacre seemed to have ended. The fighting noises and the screams of humans gradually died down and became unnoticeable.

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