Chapter 775: Massacre on the Land (Part Two)

Fei brought Louise, Pato, and Oscar forward with his fastest speed, reaching the place of the incident.

It was a primitive yet simple human village.

It looked like this village had about 2,000 people. At first glance, Fei noticed that most of the houses here were made from grey logs, and some were straw huts. Aside from the houses, there were large food storages and warehouses.

The village was surrounded by defense walls that were four meters tall, and these defense walls were put together by logs as well.

Also, there were watchtowers and fortresses with sharp wooden spear poking out of them and facing the outside.

The entire village looked like a giant hedgehog that was trying to defend itself from the enemies.

Outside the wooden defense walls, there were several water wells.

Some of the land was already developed, and unnamed crops were already growing on them. The area looked green and lively. Also, some coconut trees and fruits trees were planted around the houses inside the defense wall, and they swayed left and right, making this place look peaceful and like a paradise.

Of course, this was how it was supposed to look.

Right now, the merciless massacre already destroyed all of that.

Human corpses were everywhere on the ground. Elderly, children, males, and females were all massacred; almost none of their bodies were intact.

Right now, there were low-level warriors of the Sea Tribe wandering around, tearing and devouring the human corpses that were still warm.

This was a cruel and inhumane scene.

From looking at this scene, Fei could guess that the one-sided battle occurred about an hour ago.

Without any warning, a lot of warriors of the Sea Tribe that looked vicious and devil-like crawled out of the sea. They got onto the beach that was several kilometers away from here, and they brought doom to this village. The villagers were caught off guard, and the dangerous enemies that suddenly appeared on the beautiful beach killed them.

It seemed like the village had a certain level of strength. In the beginning, the villagers fought back and resisted. However, their defense was too weak for facing the limitless number of enemies

The wooden defense wall and the gate were destroyed at first. Even the hardest log couldn’t defend against the vicious Sea Tribe. These vicious creatures crawled onto the beach from the ocean and attacked the humans like waves. Even though there were a few human warriors who had impressive strength, they couldn’t turn the situation around.

The entire village was turned from a paradise into a living hell, and everyone was attacked while feeling the desperation.

Right now, almost no one was alive in the village. The demonic Sea Tribe didn’t leave; they cheered and feasted on the warm human corpses, and the low-roars and the flesh-tearing noises made it sounded like a group of demons were having a party.

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The arrival of Fei and the three students disrupted the ‘party’ that was going on.

The smell of humans instantly attracted the attention of these bloodthirsty demons.

There was a member of the Sea Tribe quite close to Fei.

“Hiss… hiss… humans… hiss… We have more fresh food!”

A low-level warrior of the Sea Tribe that looked like a sea snake stuck out its split tongues and roared.

It was more than three meters tall. Its lower body was in the form of a sea snake, and its upper body was human-like. Its skin was full of scales, and thick blood dripped down its lips.

While it roared ferociously and spat out a series of ancient and vicious syllables, it dashed toward the four people crazily.

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