Chapter 777: Survivors (Part One)

The Sea Tribe was a race that left many tales from the Mythical Era, but they were cruel and inhumane. Under their mercilessness, this little human village was just like the villages in Diablo World where demons from hell went through and destroyed everything, bringing darkness to the land.

The members of the Sea Tribe were no different from demons from hell!

All this went against the images that were painted by the stories told by the traveling poets. It was a huge contrast to the mermaid princess who was beautiful and emotional, seahorse prince who was brave and righteous, and giant whale warriors who were courageous and persistent.

Fei sighed and thought, “How will the young people who are sentimental and like these characters in the stories feel after seeing this scene? Will they still look forward to the love story between humans and the members of the Sea Tribe?”

This violent race was a nemesis of humanity

The only thing that confused Fei was why this race that only existed in legends suddenly appeared. They were nowhere to be seen in the last thousands of years, but he ran into them right away when he went out to the sea for the first time.

“Could it be that I’m just really unlucky? Or there are some mysterious reasons behind this?” he thought, “Is the Sea Tribe’s appearance going to be quick and one-time? Or is this terrifying race going to revive from history and claim a spot in the Chaos Era? Why are they chasing after [Brilliance] like this? What do they want? Could it be that they just hate humans instinctively? It won’t be this simple. Is that ancient prophecy about the upcoming chaos going to be realized? Could it be that the chaos isn’t only between humans? Are all the races that suddenly disappeared going to come back and rival with each other? Now that the Sea Tribe had returned, will the legendary gods and demons suddenly come back to this world abruptly?”

Fei suddenly thought back to the shocking discovery that he made in the back mountains of Chambord. In the Last Ancestral Place of the dwarfs, the journal of the dwarf king recorded the existence of the Pseudo Gods.

“Will they wake up from their sleep as well? Are they going to go through the Continent again and destroy all races like last time and bring doom? The Mythical Era had great civilizations, but they were easily destroyed. Will that event happen again after thousands of years? Is any of this connected to that mysterious golden skeleton which was revived at the Mythical Altar?”

There were just too many questions on Fei’s mind.

He got nowhere after he walked around the village once. Just as Fei was about to call over the three university students to bury all the corpses before going back to the campsite, he suddenly noticed something. On the edge of the village, there were some strange marks that he didn’t notice before, and they led to a dense little forest.

It seemed like a series of footprints were left on the ground.

Even though they were carefully covered, it wasn’t something that could fool a master like Fei.

“Huh? Did someone escape from here?”

Fei quickly walked over and discovered more clues that excited him.

Humans definitely left these marks. The members of the Sea Tribe were huge and had thick liquid around them; they couldn’t leave light marks like these.

In the next second, Fei sensed clouds of violent water elements that were about 40 meters above the ground. It was clear that the people who had escape didn’t get their enemies off their backs. There were members of the Sea Tribe who were in the realm of Moon-Class chasing after them in the sky.

Fei instantly sent out signs to the three university students, telling them to follow him quickly. Then, he dashed forward on this small path that was overlooked before.

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