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Hail the King Chapter 777.2

Chapter 777: Survivors (Part Two)

He hoped that he could save a few survivors.

The time was tight, so Fei flew forward very fast with his golden sword energy wings. Like a meteor, he flew toward the direction that he sensed.

After flying for about 5,000 meters, human corpses started to appear on the grass below. These were all human warriors who were fully armed. They were wearing impressive magic armors and had top-tier, sharp metal weapons.

These warriors were quite mighty; they were all between Four-Star and Five-Star. Compared to the corpses that were at the village, their deaths were less ugly. Some were pierced by giant icicles, and some were frozen in ice blocks and kept their battle postures. It was clear that they were instantly killed by the top-tier ice-elemental members of the Sea Tribe.

The further Fei went, the more marks of battle and escape appeared.

Also, there were more human corpses.

However, what surprised Fei was that there were corpses of the Sea Tribe on the way as well. Since even Moon-Class Elites of the Sea Tribe died, it meant that there were powerful human masters.

As Fei dashed forward more, he saw more traces of battles between the masters on both sides.

On the way, tall trees were cut, and giant rocks were exploded. The grassland got turned into a wasteland, and powerful and chaotic natural elements floated in the air. In fact, there were even fire-elemental fist spiritual spatial seals in the sky, stopping others from moving forward. Once these seals were triggered, many howling fire dragons would appear out of nowhere and dash at their enemies mercilessly.

Only human warriors who were at least on the Half Moon Realm could do this. If such warriors lived on the Azeroth Continent, they would be masters who dominated regions.

Now, there were also more corpses of the members of the Sea Tribe on the path. It was clear that the masters of the Sea Tribe got harmed by these fist spiritual spatial seals. Within about 6,000 meters, at least four Moon-Class Elites of the Sea Tribe died here. Their deaths weren’t pretty; they were all burned into coal.

Fei looked back and thought about something. Then, a vast amount of golden energy flames rushed out of his body, instantly shattering these fist spiritual spatial seals in the sky just in case Louise, Pato, and Oscar triggered them.

Then, Fei continued to dash forward.

After a few more minutes, he finally heard loud combat noises coming from the front.

It was a valley, and strong water elements and fire elements were rushing out of the entrance in waves. Looking from afar, Fei already saw figures moving. More than a dozen masters of the Sea Tribe were dashing around, and loud splashing noises sounded as abundant water elements moved. It seemed like an ocean was angry.

“It looks like there are survivors!”

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“Kill! Kill these dirty humans!”

A giant man that was about six meters tall was standing in mid-air, and he was looking down at the battle that was taking place in the valley. With an angry expression on his face, he chanted an ancient spell.

His black muscles were bulging and had a metallic texture to them, and his arms, waist, and legs were all very thick. He was a giant whale warrior, and he still had clear characteristics of a whale on his body. He was at the Half Moon Realm, and it seemed like he was the leader of these masters of the Sea Tribe.

Two Moon-Class shark warriors stood on either side of him, looking down at the battle angrily.

On the ground, eight Moon-Class Elites of the Sea Tribe were attacking one white-haired human warrior who was old.

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