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Hail the King Chapter 778.1

Chapter 778: The Boy Who Is Smiling in the Darkness (Part One)

This senior was a fire-elemental Half Moon Elite, and he stood at the entrance of the valley and battled, not willing to back off. He was guarding a very narrow pathway, and a little boy who looked to be 13 to 14 years old stood behind him.

This boy had long purple hair, and there were two red dots between his eyebrows, looking like birthmarks. Right now, he was standing on the pathway quietly with his eyes closed, and he seemed to be in a strange state. It looked like he was too scared to open his eyes, but it also seemed like he was carefully sensing the battle before him.

This senior warrior was able to use his intelligence and power to kill many masters of the Sea Tribe, but all the other guards had died in battle.

Right now, this senior warrior was at his limit and couldn’t last anymore.

The eight masters of the Sea Tribe around him were terrifying opponents. Some were fast and attacked quickly, some had thick shells and could block powerful strikes, and some were fearless and swung their poisonous weapons.

The senior warrior was running out of warrior energy, and he was depleting his life energy to continue the battle.

There were more than 100 wounds on his body, and blood had stained his grey robe.

His right shoulder was covered with a layer of blue frost, and the deep wound in his abdomen revealed his bones and falling intestines. He was in a tragic situation; ordinary people would have died more than 100 times with this much injuries.

It was clear that his iron will and unshakable belief were keeping him alive, and he was unwilling to fall!

“The Buenos Bloodline can never be exterminated by you dirty Sea Tribe!”

This white-haired human warrior shouted with his eyes wide open, and he roared unwillingly using an ancient language. Then, he struck forward with both of his hands, and a roaring fire dragon rushed out and forced away three masters of the Sea Tribe.

While taking the lethal strike of one master of the Sea Tribe using his body, he turned around and injected a vast amount of hidden fire energy into the body of a shark warrior, turning this master of the Sea Tribe into coal!

It was a suicidal attack!

Since this human warrior was in a desperate situation, he could only use this method to threaten his enemies.

A cold flash of light dashed by, and an arm flew into the sky.

A master of the Sea Tribe took this opportunity to chop off this senior’s left arm.

“Eh… puff!” The white-haired senior staggered and almost fell. He looked up at the sky and cried, “Gods! I don’t mind dying, but please create a miracle and save the descendant of the honorable hero who saved humans!”

“AHHH! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!!! We lost another master! This dirty human! Capture him alive; don’t let him die easily! I will take him back to the depth of the sea and use the fire from the deep-sea volcano to cook him alive!” That huge whale warrior roared in the sky.

There were many masters of the Sea Tribe, but quite a few were killed by this human warrior on the way here, and this human warrior used the advantage of the terrain and made them unable to realize their numbers advantage fully.

For a moment, the masters of the Sea Tribe couldn’t capture these two humans, and another Moon-Class Elite was killed. To the prideful Sea Tribe, this was an unbearable shame.

Under the violent attacks, the white-haired senior lost his other arm.

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  1. Reading_Reverend

    Sun-class is supposed to be incredibly strong. So Fei should’ve/could’ve interviened easily in this fight. I call bullshit.

  2. Sigon

    the way the solar class was presented to us, the fairies were supposed to be there the moment he heard the sound of battle. However, it is unnecessary to find fault with this novel, because we have long been aware of the plot, heroes and other things full of holes. I personally just want to read it to the end and forget about it.

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