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Hail the King Chapter 778.2

Chapter 778: The Boy Who Is Smiling in the Darkness (Part Two)

He staggered back into the entrance of the valley and looked back at the masters of the Sea Tribe with his eyes wide open and his hair standing on his body. He looked like a godly dragon that was about to use the last strike, and the masters of the Sea Tribe who were battling him were scared by his fearlessness and didn’t dare to approach immediately.

“Young Master… Your Servant… I tried my best, but there are just too many demons to kill. I… I couldn’t protect you… This… This… I’m ashamed… I have disappointed Master who passed away, and I have disappointed the hero. Young Master, you have the bloodline of a hero, and you… you can’t be humiliated by these demons. Let me…. Let me take you to the Grim Reaper as well. We will use our death to protect the honor of the Buenos Bloodline!”

The white-haired senior was very direct, and he said to the boy behind him with tears rolling down his face.

If there were the chance of surviving, he would try his best to protect this boy. However, the situation was desperate. Instead of letting the demons torture his young master, this senior wanted to give his young master a painless and dignified death.

“It is ok, Uncle Belletti. Don’t be sad. Death isn’t something to be feared, and even the Grim Reaper couldn’t wipe out the honor of Buenos!”

When facing the threat of death, this boy who was enveloped by darkness in the valley showcased a level of calmness that didn’t fit his age and was shocking to others. In fact, even a pure smile appeared on his childish face.

He said slowly, “If death could alleviate people from pain, it should be something worth celebrating!”

Looking at this boy who was smiling in the darkness, blood tears rolled down Belletti’s face, and he didn’t know what do say at this moment. He was feeling a mixture of emotions.

His young master was talented, had the wisdom that was on par with the ancient sages, and was generous and kind like the gods. Even though this boy was born with disabilities, he was the most liked person in the entire village. Although he was born blind, he was able to observe what was happening around him with the purest sight.

If it weren’t for the fact that he was disabled and couldn’t cultivate, perhaps the Buenos Bloodline would have another powerful figure after all these years.

Unfortunately, the talented geniuses always made the gods jealous, and they had to go through many tribulations.

“Tragedy has fallen onto the survivors of Buenos. Young Master is such a mild and wise person, but he can’t escape from death… The gods aren’t fair!”

Just as Belletti was about to use his last bit of fire-elemental warrior energy in his body and kill himself and this smiling boy together, something unexpected happened.

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A dash of golden light flashed over like a meteor, and a figure passed by the masters of the Sea Tribe and appeared by these two people.

Belletti was stunned at first, but he was overjoyed in the next moment.

This figure was a human; a powerful human.

Fei finally arrived at the valley.

The white-haired senior staggered and fell into Fei’s arms. As he looked at Fei with an expression that the king could never forget, he struggled and said, “Please… please… protect… the bloodline of a hero… Buenos… I…”

Then, he turned around slowly and looked at that boy who was smiling in the darkness with his eyes closed. He sighed, “Young Master, there are a lot of pain and struggles in the world… but… you… can live happily…”

After that was said, this white-haired senior’s body stiffed, and the human master passed away.

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  2. Now the mc has a new loyal soldier who conveniently will want to destroy the sea tribe

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    Forget sea tribe, this blind kid kicks a-s… keep tuned and find out. Makes Drogba and Pierce looks like a joke lol.

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    And again, I can not take what is happening seriously. Hero Clan named after the capital of Argentina – Buenos Aires

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      I do my best to ignore these names to not get taken out of the fantasy setting to much, but it’s hard.

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