Chapter 779: Demonic Human (Part One)

“Uncle Belletti…” The boy who was smiling sighed; it sounded like this boy had seen through everything in the world and was a hermit.

When Fei heard it, he felt like a sage who had been through a lot was standing beside him, and this person shouldn’t be young. However, such opposing features could be seen on this boy, and it somehow felt natural.

The boy reached out his thin hands and lightly caressed this white-haired senior’s eyes that were still open, helping the latter close them.

Right now, Fei had a rough idea about what was happening, and he deeply respected this old man who had lasted until now.

It was the respect that masters would pay to each other.

Unfortunately, the king was still a bit late, and it was impressive how this senior named Belletti could last until now. All energies inside of him were burned, and it was his iron will that kept him going. After Fei arrived, this senior saw hope and relaxed, resulting in a crack in his desperation. He was in such a terrible condition that even the gods couldn’t resurrect him.

“Hiss, dirty human… kill!”

After the initial hesitation, the masters of the Sea Tribe around here finally reacted. Two snake warriors who were Moon-Class Elites hissed and charged at Fei with vicious expressions.

The peaceful and serious atmosphere was instantly destroyed.

Without the suppression coming from the fire-elemental warrior energy which belonged to that white-haired senior, the water elements in the air started to get violent.

As loud splashing noises sounded, streaks of blue energy flames shot into the sky, instantly swallowing the area of one square kilometer. A layer of blue frost immediately covered the land, and the trees and stones that were on the ground exploded under the extreme cold and got turned into shattered ice!

“Dirty Sea Tribe!” Fei was murderous after seeing all these tragic scenes, and he punched out without turning around.

Two golden energy fists instantly appeared on the king’s fists, and they dashed forward rapidly.

The golden color was the most beautiful yet most lethal color there was.

Like two golden stones, the two energy fists dashed into the massive waves of water elements, looking weak and powerless.

However, the result was stunning!

Without having the time to react, these two masters of the Sea Tribe were penetrated by the energy fists! It was a scene that the masters of the Sea Tribe didn’t anticipate!

After a short pause, loud noises sounded,

Bam! Bam!

As shocked and desperate expressions appeared on these two snake warriors’ faces, their bodies suddenly enlarged and exploded like overinflated balloons. Their green blood and broken body parts flew in all directions like fireworks.

As those two powerful bodies turned into blood gel and blood mist, those surging water elements and blue energy waves were paused, and the howling noises of tsunamis also disappeared!

Instant kill!

The other masters of the Sea Tribe were stunned.

That huge whale warrior who was standing in the sky couldn’t believe what he saw, and his lips started to twitch. The two shark warriors beside him also paled, and the other six Moon-Class Elites of the Sea Tribe stopped charging forward and looked at Fei as if he were the Grim Reaper.

Even though their eyes looked cold and murderous, those emotions were overpowered by fear!

In this second, they knew that this human who suddenly appeared was too terrifying! They were Moon-Class Elites themselves, and they knew that they couldn’t fight him.

As a refreshing breeze blew by, all kinds of noises were made by the trees in the woods.

The boy who was standing in the shade of the valley took one step forward lightly, and the last bit of sunshine of the day shined on his pale and thin face. He was extremely calm; he didn’t seem saddened by that white-haired senior’s death, and he wasn’t overjoyed by the fact that he survived when all hopes were lost.

He simply reached out his little cold hand and pulled onto Fei’s shirt.

Fei grabbed this boy’s hand in pity.

This boy’s hand was cold, and Fei felt sympathy toward this little guy who was thin and weak.

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