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Hail the King Chapter 779.2

Chapter 779: Demonic Human (Part Two)

“Human, report your name! You killed the warriors of the Sea Tribe, and the Sea God shall punish you!” that huge whale warrior who was standing in the sky suddenly shouted. His voice was muffled like thunder, but it was so loud that the mountains on either side of the valley shook. Small rocks rolled down the hills, and the giant trees moved.

He was using the common language on the continent during the Mythical Era. The syllabuses were strange, and the pronunciations were weird. However, it was enough for this master of the Sea Tribe to express himself.

Fei had been studying from Akara and Cain, so he learned this common language of the Mythical Era. He understood what this giant whale warrior said.

However, the king didn’t respond. He waved his hand, and a vast amount of golden energy flames rushed out of his body like an ocean. Then, two masters of the Sea Tribe who were on the ground were enveloped by a mysterious force, and they were pushed toward Fei uncontrollably.


“Damn it! I… The Sea God will curse you!”

Those two masters of the Sea Tribe were like chickens that were grasped by a dragon. They couldn’t fight back, and they could only curse while panicking. They were already feeling desperate.

They thought that they could wipe out the humans on land after waking up from the thousands of years of sleep, just like how they did it many years ago… They didn’t want to die this fast!

However, Fei reached out his arms and clutched their necks.

Crack! With light twists, the life energies quickly left the bodies of these two masters of the Sea Tribe.

In the next moment, Fei looked up again.

He targeted two masters of the Sea Tribe who retreated slower, and he threw the two giant corpses in his hands forward.

Bam! Bam! The two corpses smashed onto those two masters of the Sea Tribe, and it looked like four fireworks went off. The green and red blood mist splashed everywhere, and those two masters of the Sea Tribe were turned into pieces as well.

Fei’s strength terrified the rest of the masters of the Sea Tribe.

The other four Moon-Class Elites of the Sea Tribe who were on the ground no longer dared to fight. They looked at each other and saw the fear in their eyes, and they screamed, turned around, and fled.

Fei didn’t chase after them. Instead, he punched out two times with his fists.

Four golden energy fists appeared and dashed forward.

“Ah! No! I don’t want to die!”

“I just woke up! I’m an elite member of the Seat Tribe. I…”

“Save me…”

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As a series of cries sounded, those four fleeing masters of the Sea Tribe got destroyed by the golden energy fists. As a series of exploding noises resonated in the sky, they got turned into nothingness under the king’s mighty fists.

It was as fast as a bolt of lightning.

It was a one-sided massacre!

The other three masters of the Sea Tribe who were in the sky could only watch and weren’t able to react in time and save their peers.

“AHHHH! I know! You are that vicious demon! You are that demonic human who killed many masters of our Sea Tribe! Damn it! You are here on this island?”

Seeing the golden energy fists, the giant whale warrior of the Sea Tribe finally thought about something and understood the situation. His expression changed drastically, and he couldn’t keep calm anymore.

The two shark warriors behind him were shocked as well after hearing Fei’s new nickname, and they started to shiver. In their clan, two powerful masters who were in the same generation as their parents were easily killed by this [Demonic Human] two days ago in the sea!

The Sea Tribe was known for their fierceness, especially the shark clan. The shark warriors of the Sea Tribe were cruel, bloodthirsty, and fearless. However, Fei had killed too many masters of the Sea Tribe.

The Sea Tribe in the [Sea of Fragrance] looked down at Fei at first, but that quickly turned into anger then to shock. After a few days, that shock turned into fear.

After thousands of years, they were afraid of a human again!

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  1. Thx for the translation.

    That ‘s what I like to hear. The sound of workship made out fear. Make all thou who are called enemies like leaves on a tree who for the first time feel the fierce winter wind

  2. use soul search at least once… sigh*

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