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Hail the King Chapter 780.1

Chapter 780: Cruel Killing (Part One)

After identifying Fei, the other three masters of the Sea Tribe didn’t dare to stick around, and they tried to flee.

Fei already had a rough idea about the current situation.

Therefore, he didn’t kill these three masters of the Sea Tribe. Instead, he grasped at the sky, and golden energy flames instantly rushed out. An invisible force almost compressed the air and froze time.

The three masters of the Sea Tribe who were turning into dashes of lights were frozen in space. Even though they kept their fleeing postures and terrified expressions, they weren’t able to move at all like spiders in amber!

Then, Fei pulled back his hands.

As the three masters of the Sea Tribe gasped, they landed on the ground, right in front of Fei.

Fei flipped his hands and pressed onto the head of the giant whale warrior. A streak of golden energy instantly rushed into this warrior’s body, and Fei quickly understood the body structure of this violent creature and how the energy circulated in his body.

After locking down a few critical channels that were similar to the energy channels in a human warrior’s body, this giant whale warrior instantly lost his power and fell to the ground.

The king didn’t stop there. He waved his hand at another master of the Sea Tribe and pulled him over. This time, a vast amount of spirit energy rushed into this shark warrior’s brain. The spirit searching technique which was recorded in that mysterious purple scroll was activated, and Fei started to read this creature’s memory mercilessly.

This was the first time that Fei used this vicious spirit energy technique after he learned it. Before this, he never thought about using this technique which was too cruel.

Even when Fei battled with the Leonians and the Ormondians, he didn’t think of using this spiritual energy technique.

However, the murderous and inhumane actions of the Sea Tribe had angered the king, and he no longer had mercy toward these creatures that treated humans as food. Therefore, he used the spirit searching technique on them without holding back.

Gradually, Fei’s expression changed many times, and he was soon surprised to his core.

After a while, he exhaled and pulled back his hand from the forehead of that shark warrior.

As Fei released this shark warrior, who then fell onto the ground powerlessly and lost all his life energy. This was the most severe side-effect; the brain and the soul of this shark warrior were damaged, and he died right away.

“You are a devil! A terrifying devil! The Sea God will curse you! Your soul will be burned in the lava at the depth of the sea! You will be tortured for an eternity!” The giant whale warrior who was on the ground saw what happened to his peer, so he roared and cursed in a fury.

Fei completely ignored him.

The king waved his hand and pulled over the other shark warrior.

This time, Fei didn’t use the spirit searching technique right away to read this shark warrior’s memory. Instead, the king injected a dash of energy into this shark warrior’s body, and he investigated the body structure and the energy pathings of this member of the Sea Tribe.

Just as Fei expected, different types of creatures and clans in the Sea Tribe all had different body structures.

However, their fundamental powers were the same.

This was a power that was similar to the water elements; that was why Fei thought the masters of the Sea Tribe all cultivated water-elemental warrior energy or water-elemental magic energy. Although the power of the Sea Tribe was like the water elements, it was different on a fundamental level.

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  1. ChocoCh

    Nossa, mas que engraçado o protagonista ficou com raiva dessa raça porque ele vê a humanidade como uma forma de alimento… Mas esse desgraçado não pensa na humanidade que vê qualquer ser vivo como uma forma de alimento, até mesmo a própria espécie. É ridiculo o ponto em que chegou a hipocrisia da mente humana

  2. So humans slaughtering other humans for greed and self satisfaction is fine and not that bad, but another race slaughtering humans to eat is inhumane and pure evil…

    This author really needs to read the BS he writes.

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