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Hail the King Chapter 781.1

Chapter 781: Long-Range Teleportation Array (Part One)

After returning to the village which was stained by blood, Fei buried the villagers’ corpses alongside those human warriors who died on the way to that valley. Then, he quickly inspected the island in his fastest speed with the three university students, the boy named Dessler, and that giant whale warrior who was the captive.

Except for discovering a few powerful demon beasts who had rare bloodlines, Fei didn’t spot any other humans.

Also, he didn’t find any other members of the Sea Tribe.

After an hour, they returned to the campsite.

While Fei was gone, the Sea Tribe that had chased after them didn’t attack, but it was clear that they had discovered where [Brilliance] was.

At sunset, a university student whose name was Damian and patrolled the campsite saw masters of the Sea Tribe lurking around. Like ghosts, they monitored the humans on the island in silence.

Right now, the campsite was changed a little.

King Buckingham of Leon and the other captives were locked inside a huge magic tent which was isolated from the outside world, and Fei sent up many magic traps around it, making it impossible for them to escape.

Although Buckingham performed well during the battles on the sea, and the captives saved [Brilliance] under his command, the Chambordians wouldn’t lower their guards around such a dangerous character.

As a result, the captives from Leon didn’t know what was happening outside.

If they did, they would have been shocked!

After Fei came back, two small teleportation arrays were constructed in the middle of the campsite within one hour.

Each of the magic arrays was created using six pieces of metal plates that were more than four meters long and were of various shapes. The engravings on them helped them maintain steady operations, and dreamy lights were flashing on them. After simple testing, a series of codes were inputted into the magic arrays using the numerical wheels and various runes, and they connected with other arrays.

Where were those other arrays located?

The answer was quickly revealed.

Soldiers of Chambord who were in distinct armor walked out of the teleportation array one after another and landed on this island which was foreign to them.

The troop of Chambord!

Transporting soldiers from a long distance!

If King Buckingham saw this, he would have been stunned to his core.

Long-range magic teleportation array!

This level of magic utilization was something that only empires above level 5 could use!

However, a little affiliated kingdom of a level 1 empire was able to use this strategic-level ability proficiently!

This wasn’t the most shocking.

What was stunning was the simplicity and construction speed of Chambord’s teleportation array; it already broke the record on the Continent! Constructing a super long-range teleportation array within 30 minutes was something that even level 9 empires couldn’t do!

It was a known fact that a lot of resources, time, and manpower had to be put into the construction of long-range teleportation arrays which connected more than 50,000 kilometers. The current magic utilization and magic civilization were far inferior compared with the Mythical Era.

Chambord was too technologically advanced in this world!

The components of the magic teleportation array that Chambord developed were simple, and they could be put together like kids’ toys. Even the ordinary soldiers could place all the pieces together and activate the portable long-range magic teleportation array. This was ground-breaking!

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  1. draghnof

    Wasn’t it said that only level 9 and some level 8 empires have the teleportation array ?????? How come it’s level 5 now??

    And if it’s level 5 then it’s not so unbelievable that fei could use it, just his presence made Zenit a level 5 empire ……..

    And what’s troubelsome here is that teleportation array is more common than flying ship …..

  2. Above level 5

  3. Eric Duttierre

    Yeah they probly have two or tree

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