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Hail the King Chapter 782.1

Chapter 782: The King’s Personality (Part One)

The king didn’t know what to do with this shameless fatty, so he completely ignored him. After he waved at the university students who were walking out of the teleportation array, he chatted with them and soon saw Pato and Damian carrying over that giant whale warrior who got his power locked.

“Damn! This guy is so strong! These muscles… are they fake?”

Pierce and Drogba gaped as soon as they saw this giant whale warrior. They tried their best to flex their biceps, but their muscles couldn’t’ be compared with the muscles on this giant whale warrior’s body. Therefore, they quickly lowered their heads in shame.

These two strongmen were proud of their muscles, and they claimed to be the most muscular men at Chambord. However, this giant whale warrior had more muscles than these two people combined, making them seem small and weak.

“Treat this big guy nicely for me, and make sure that you get all the information out of him!” Fei said as he waved at Flatterer Oleg.

Oleg was happy to have something to do; this was his strength! Since it seemed like he could show his skills in front of the king again, he grabbed this giant whale warrior and went to a relatively remote tent in the back of the campsite before starting to work.

Soon, terrifying screams and roars sounded, and Pierce and Drogba started to feel sympathy toward that muscular warrior.

Every time the king handed a captive to that fatty, it meant that the captive did something horrifying and touched the king’s nerves. Essentially, it was no different from being sentenced to death.

“Ok, you two! Don’t just stand there and look foolish! I didn’t ask you two to come here with 2,000 bylaw enforcement officers and 300 university students for vacation! Organize them and train them! We will be in a war soon, and the enemies will be fierce! Make sure that our soldiers coordinate well! Don’t lose face for Chambord!”

Fei called over Oscar and asked him to explain everything to these two important officials of Chambord, just in case these two dull men couldn’t understand the situation.

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Fei modified his plan and decided to stay on this no-name island for a while.

He was going to have a good ‘meeting’ with the fierce Sea Tribe.

Since the king had to protect [Brilliance] on the sea, he wasn’t able to use his full force when the members of the Sea Tribe attacked. Therefore, he was at a disadvantage, and he was beaten by the masters of the Sea Tribe. He was furious and wanted to vent his frustration.

It was impossible for the king not to hold any grudges. Fei was the kind of person who would slash his opponents three times after taking a punch.

Therefore, he was going to battle with the Sea Tribe for real. In Fei’s eyes, such a vicious force was the perfect grinding stone for the troop of Chambord. Only the soldiers who had been through real battles could have the murderous spirit and calmness during crucial times.

Right now, the Chambord Kingdom’s territories and population had increased by a lot. It had more than 10,000 bylaw enforcement officers, 66 saint seiyas, and more than 1,000 university students.

These soldiers were the elite force of Chambord, and they received all kinds of training. Some of them even been to the arenas in the [City of Heroes] and fought with monsters such as the [Fallen Shaman] that Fei summoned from Diablo World using experience points.

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    Nice! He has expanded his army to 10000. I agree the island is a good training place for his new army. Now if those 66 saints can level up to moon elites that would be perfect.

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